Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) Bad Things question

Anyone waiting till book 3 comes out to read book 2?
Ashlie L Ashlie Nov 27, 2013 06:48AM
I just reread Bad Things so I could get to book 2 and know whats going on but now I see that a book 3 will be out sometime in Spring 2014!!!!!!! I wonder if I should just wait till Spring and read both books then or go for it now then have to wait FOREVER for closure. I have read that book 2 has a lot going on and I do not know if i can take the long wait!!! HELPPPP

I just did my review for book 1 and this is my plan! I've read reviews for book 2 and it seems like it was a cliffhanger of sorts or at least really really sad. I found out book 3 comes out in march so i'm trying to wait till then to read book 2...

I'm waiting for the third to come out before I read the second. The wait for the third would be torture.

Jenny I started 2 and was confused so I am following you all and putting it away and think I will re-read 1 and keep going . . .
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i am just done reading this book.. i am about to start book 2 (Rock Bottom) but i am quite anxious to start.. i love book 1.. been into them since the start.. but i am anxious to start book 2 without book 3.. i have to wait till book 3 comes out.. don't want to be on a cliffhanger with this series.. book 1 has HEA ending.. and i am anticipating what will happen in book 2.. im done with up in the air series and they were very estranged to each other which i think will happen to book 2 (i guess).. anyways.. hope i can wait.. kfx

I started reading book 1, then realized book 3 wasn't out until mid 1014, so I put it away. Won't read them until I can read the whole series together. I can't stand having to wait, gets me antsy ... : )

book 2 was as good as book 1, have read the blurb for 3, looks like we get that hea ending.

Book 3 will be 6 years later from book 2. So I understand the feeling, but I just finished book 2 and I think you won't mind the wait. I actually need time to process what happened between's like I need the separation like they had lol but you have a sneak pick of book 3 so I think you guys will be ok reading book 2 without reading the sneak pick. I couldn't not read it, I needed a bit of a good thing in the end. ;)

I will order book 2 and hold it until book 3 is released and then read the entire series. I cheated and read Bad Things...I hope I can hold out! I love the author!!!

I thought of it. But I read somewhere today it may not be out until June. So I've decided to read book 2 now and then just do a quick speed read of it before moving on to book three when it finally comes out. I find myself doing this often. As a matter of fact I just did it with book 1.

Ashlie L Ugh.... I can't wait that long!! I may have to go head and read book 2 and reread them both once #3 comes out. Sounds like a good idea you got! ...more
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I read the first one and am almost done with the second one. I don't think I will be forgetting these characters anytime soon so I'm glad I didn't wait. I emailed RK Lilley b/c I can't wait for the third installment. She said she is aiming for a February release date! Whoo-hoo!!!!!! :)

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