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So any ideas?

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A H What do u want to do?

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A H Supernatural or realistic?

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It doesn't matter to me, I like both. I can list the general plots and we can choose from them if you like? Plus,should we do doubles?

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A H Yeah, we'll choose from your list since I don't have any ideas right now....and yup, I can do doubles.

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Okay cool. I'll choose one for one pair and you ca choose one for the other.

Best friends (doing several of these)
Enemies to lovers
Forbidden love (view spoiler)
Popular girl/Nerdy, shy boy (vice versa)
New girl or guy in school
Bad boy/ good girl (vice versa)
Supernatural/ Human
Rescue (someone rescues the other person and they fall in love)
((I can't think of anymore :( ))

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A H Can we do forbidden love and supernatural/human?

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Sure. Is it a okay if I'm the girl for forbidden love though? Plus did you want that one to be like the example?

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A H Yes, it's all right. And yeah, I'd like two rival supernatural beings to fall in love....if that's okay with u, though.

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That's fine. So let's move to characters. I'll make the template if you like

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A H Yeah sure.

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A H What species are we doing for the 1st story?

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Angels and demons? Or maybe werewolves and vampires? Or it could be a... I got nothing lol

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A H Angels and demons is okay?

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Alright so we'll do that one

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A H For 1st story:

Name: Reece Black
Age: 23
Specie: Demon

Personality: Is a demon, so naturally is evil. Loves to show his dominance and simply loves to fight. Is a tough, huge guy and nothing can disturb his stable, calm mind. Appears to be tough and tolerant, but has a soft corner somewhere in his heart which yet needs to be discovered.
History: Belongs to the famous family of Blacks, known for their supremacy and status.
Other: Powers:Superhuman strength and enhanced endurance
Can resurrect or heal people
Mind control
Injury to humans by thought

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A H You're making ur charries?

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Yeah I'm just trying to post on other threads while doing so. I'm almost done with the first one

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A H Oh ok..

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Name: Kylie Haze
Age: 22
Specie: Angel

Personality: Kylie is generally sweet and very generous. She loves to be kind to people,even thou she's a bit shy and likes to keep to herself. She keeps all her problems inside and is very selfless, but eventually the pressure form keeping it bottled up gets to be too much. When it all comes out, she likes to stay by herself and in a dark and quiet place.
History.: She's the daughter of one of one of the Arch angels, and has always been of a good status.
She can sprout wings from her back and fly.
She can read minds
She can control and manipulate water

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A H In supernatural/human, whose the human?

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The girl can be if that's okay?

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A H Okay. then u'll be the supernatural?

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A H For 2nd story:

Name: Rachel Greene
Age: 21
Specie: Human
Personality: Soft, gentle and very sweet. Loves animals, and cooking. Is good with everyone and has a very positive attitude about life. Loved to read books and is a quiet, shy kind of person. Witty, smart and very intelligent.

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Name: Keegan Bell
Age: 20
Specie: Elemental
Personality: Keegan is loud and boisterous, the life of the party. He loves to make people laugh and he's very flirtatious. He secretly has a soft side and he's very intelligent. He can be very mature and understanding when he needs to be.

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A H U'll start?

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Kylie sat in the coffee shop as she looked out the window to see people busily walking around per usual. A sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and took a sip from her hot chocolate. She was off of work today and was spending the morning at one of her favorite places.

Keegan sat down in the music shop that he worked in, softly strumming the acoustic guitar in his arms. The day had been a little slow like it normally was and he was glad of the silence. He enjoyed playing the instruments and listening to music as he pleased.

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A H Reece was in the weapons room of his house, sharpening the weapons since there wasn't much to do. He had bunked college, and just wasn't in the mood to hang out with his human friends. He was just about to die of boredom when his brother bounced into the room.

Rachel walked out of the staffroom, having talked to her music sir. She had joined the college just a month ago, and had been assigned her newest project, on music. She made her way out of the college, to the music shop on the other side of the road.

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Kylie thought about the college she went to and got out her phone to text her roommate, asking her if she had finished her half of the group assignment. She sent it and got up before walking out to go back to the school. It was within waking distance so she got there rather quickly. She sat down in the lounge room, close her eyes and leaning back in the chair.

Keegan noticed a beautiful girl walk in, "Are you Rachel?" He asked and set the guitar down. He's been expecting her since they had a project together from the college. Jumping over the counter he quickly made his way over to her and smiled. "I'm Keegan." He said cheekily.

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A H ((have to go now....will continue tomorrow))

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A H "Come on", his brothr said, "not going to college today?" "Nah....", Reece replied, "not feeling like it". "Ah, come on! Now", his brother said and taking him by the shoulders, pulled him outside. Reece grumbled but all the same, followed him into his college.

" did you know I was here for the project?" she asked and then answered herself, "Sir told you". She went and sat down in a nearby chair, tired of working all day.

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Kylie kept her eyes closed as she visibly relaxed from her long day, her thoughts were racing as she took a deep breath and let it out to slow them. She'd stayed up studying late last night, like usual, and left herself tired for the rest of the day. The hot chocolate didn't exactly scream caffeine.

Keegan chuckled and sat on the edge of the counter. "Yeah... Do you okay any instruments?" He asked curiously as he picked up the guitar again. He could play almost every instrument in the shop, and he wondered if his work partner could do the same

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A H Reece walked into his college and walked into the lounge room. Just before he entered, he caught a waft of smell of....something. Something unpleasant. angels he thought, and wlaked inside, to find himslef facing an angel.

"Yeah....well, I play the guitar", she said. She not only played, she played really well. She looked around the shop, "You're good at eevrything here?" she asked curiously.

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Kylie blinked her eyes open, a strange smell hitting her nose. Demon. She bit her lip and looked around as she immediately spotted him. Tall, dark, and handsome, looking right at her. She shifted uncomfortably in his gaze and looked away. Great, a demon and an angel went to the same college. How ironic?

Keegan smiled and watched her intently, "Not everything here, but most of them." He replied and looked around the shop to pick a single instrument. His eyes rested on the big piano in the corner of the room and he immediately set the guitar back down and walked over to the piano. He sat down at the stool as his fingers started to fly over the keys.

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A H Reece walked in stiffly and sat down as far away from the angel as possible. He saw her looking at her, and bared his teeth slightly. Was she a new admission student in the college. He frowned.

Rachel listened to his music, awe-struck and inwardly felt her heart swelling. "It's beautiful", she whispered. When he finished playing, she asked, "What's your name?"

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Kylie rolled her eyes as he bared his teeth, typical demon. Maybe they could ever make peace? No, of course not, why would she ever want to be friends with a demon anyways? She got her journal out and started writing down some things she'd forgotten earlier, trying her hardest to ignore him.

Keegan got up and smiled, "I'm glad you like it. My name's Keegan." He introduced himself and stuck his hand out to shake her own. "So what's your assignment?" He asked after shaking her hand, curious of what was going to happen today. The girl seemed really sweet and beautiful inwardly and out.

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A H Reece's class was not about to start for half an hour, and he wasn't feeling like hanging out with his human friends much. So he just sat there. He also had some sorting of classes to do and was waiting for the teacher to have a look into the matter.

"And my name's Rachel", she smiled broadly, "my assignment's on a compariosn between classical and western music", she said. She took out her copy, wanting to have a look at a few things she had noted.

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Kylie quickly slipped into a trance as she started writing with a determined look on her face. Her tongue poked out of her mouth slightly as she focused on her memory of what had gone over in the book today. It was as if she was quizzing herself.

Keegan smiled. "Great, I have loads of CDs. They're all down here." He said and started walking towards the CD section. The genres were listed above them on small signs. "Here we go, this is country and this is classical. I can point out the more popular ones for you, if you want."

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A H The teacher called him inside. They sorted out his classes and he finally got the classes he wanted to. Just when he was leaving, the teacher said, "Wait. Give this to Kylie, she's sitting outside. Her schedule's set, just pass it on to her". Reece stiffened and taking the schedule, walked towards the angel.

"Ok, thanks", she said and taking the cds, she sat down, "Could I hear them here?"

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Kylie looked up as she saw someone walk over to her. To her own surprise, it was the demon. "Umm... Yes?" She asked as she waited for a reply from him.

Keegan snapped out of his trance like state and nodded his head, "Yeah, there's a CD player over here." He said and lead her over to where it was.

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A H "You're Kylie, right?" he asked, looking at her directly, for the first time noticing how beautiful she was. He handed her the schedule silently.

"Yeah ok...", then we can listen to the cds here. "We also have to write about the history and all such stuff....I think we should visit the library. What say?"

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Kylie took the schedule from him after she nodded, "Oh... Thanks." She said softly and looked it over a second before slipping into her bag and deciding it would be best to go back to her apartment. There was no need to stay around a demon longer than she had to, and she was sure she'd be seeing a lot of him at the college.

Keegan nodded his head in agreement as he walked over to stand behind the counter and pull the keys out of a drawer. He slid them into his pocket before grabbing his jacket and slipping it on. "Alright, let's go." He said with a small smile as he lifted himself over the counter instead of going around it. He always chose to do this, being bored of just walking.

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A H As she left, Reece followed her, curious to know more about her. He had encountered angels before, but this was the first time he was seeing one in such a public place like a college. Added to that, she was so beautiful. He walked a little behind her, though he was sure she knew he was behind her. He had glanced at her time-table and noticed that they had their first class - Trigonometry - together.

"Ok", rachel nodded and walked out of the store. They began walking towards the public library. "So", she said, to make conversation, "you work here...?" She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and looked over at him.

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Kylie took a deep breath as she walked down the sidewalk, easily sensing the demon behind her. This had never happened to her before, and she sure wasn't prepared for it now. Before she could even comprehend what she was doing, she turned around only to come face to face with him, staring up into his eyes with her scared and fearful ones.

Keegan had locked up the store before they had left, walking right next to her with his hands in his pockets the whole way. "Yeah, I've been working there fore awhile now. I'm really into music. How about you, what kind of music do you like?" He asked, curious to know more about this beautiful girl that he'd gotten the pleasure of working with.

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A H "You live here?" he asked quietly. He didn't know why, maybe because he had encountered an angel after so long, or maybe because she was so damn beautiful, he felt a pang of attraction go through him when she looked into his eyes. His breath hitched as he saw her fear.

She mused over his question for a while and then answered, "I like all types, but I'm a huge fan of classical music. Modern music is so....I dunno. It's good but I listen more to classical. And you?" she asked, equally curious about him.

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Kylie stared up into his eyes as her fear slowly melted away to only caution. "Y-Yeah I do." She said softly, feeling his warm breath on her face as it made shivers go up her back. "W-Why?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow slowly. One thing she had to admit was that he was very attractive, but she knew it want something she should be thinking.

Keegan continued walking, his hands in his pockets as he listened to her lovely voice. "I listen to more of rock, not really modern rock. I prefer classic rock and eighties and stuff like that." He admitted with a small shrug. He didn't want to lie only to impress her, he want the kind of boy to do that .

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