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message 1: by David, Teacher (new)

David Patterson (MrPatterson) | 79 comments Mod
Sometimes the minor characters in a book are more interesting than the major characters (or at least the protagonist and the antagonist). Select a minor character from a book you're reading now, or a book you've read in the past.

What's the title of the book, and what's the minor character's name? Why is this minor character interesting? What is it that made this minor character memorable to you?

message 2: by Kea (last edited Nov 27, 2013 08:25AM) (new)

Kea Adams-edwards | 9 comments The book I am reading is Pretty Little Liars by Sara Sheapard. A minor character in my book is Mona Vanderwal. She is interesting because she pretends to be a friend to a group of girls who are the main characters. But really shes actually against them and harrasing them. This character is memorable to me because she made a big impact on the group of girl's lifes and theres a lot you can learn from this character.

message 3: by Shianne (new)

Shianne Perez | 15 comments The title of the book im reading is Eleanor & Park , the minor characters in my book is Eleanor's mom & stepdad they seem to have a really interesting backround and relationship , he beats her and she cant see herself to leave him for whatever reason . I would love to find out why she cant leave him it would make the story alot more interesting then it already is . What is memorable about Eleanor's mother is she seems stronger emotionally and physically then a lot of other mothers these days .

message 4: by Jake (new)

Jake Dropkin | 14 comments Im reading Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, and the minor character in this book was Dobby because he first came to the series in book 2 (Chamber of Secrets) and harry freed him from Malfoy which made him a free house slave and ever since then Dobby has been there and was loyal to Harry. Dobby is memorable because he stand up to the Malfoy's at the end and basically took his life for Harry Potter.

message 5: by Sojourner (new)

Sojourner | 23 comments A book that I read in the past was iraqi girl, which had a character who was the main characters father. This character was interesting because he would always leave iraq to go to places like france. This was interesting because if he could go to those places, why wouldn't he bring his family or anyone for that matter, it is pretty suspicious. He could be up to no good.

message 6: by Chasalyn (last edited Dec 05, 2013 12:16PM) (new)

Chasalyn Salce | 9 comments A book that in the past was It Happened To Nancy.The minor character was her mom she was always there ,but not there this book is her dairy its based on a true story about a girl who got rapped in the book. She told her mom and later found out she had hiv/aids and died when she turned 15.

message 7: by Jahmar (new)

Jahmar | 14 comments the title of the book i am reading is slam and the minor characters name is Greg he is interesting because what he does on the basketball court is amazing but when it comes to school its different.

message 8: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 15 comments the book that i recently read was called The Afterlife. In the book chuy talks about everyone especially the characters he didn't even know. Chuy did not leave anyone out or talked less about them. Chuy died I believe that is the main reason why no charter was left out.

message 9: by Drew (new)

Drew | 16 comments The Fellowship of the Ring and a minor character is Pippin. Pippin is a good friend likes getting into mischief. Pippin is insistent on helping Frodo.

message 10: by Eric (new)

Eric Rodriguez | 20 comments Alistair in my book, is not the main character, yet plays a good roll, Alistair is a wizard that put spells on lands and cursed many places.

message 11: by Dameon (new)

Dameon Lawlor | 17 comments The title of my book is jumper and the minor chia hater name is Alec who can teleport and warns his friend about the evil guy and takes home places .

message 12: by Travis (new)

Travis | 7 comments In the book The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, a minor character I am very interested in is Terrance Regan. He died a long time before the narrative began but is still a character because his friends and family think he is missing so the story revolves around him, among other things even though the narrative never includes him in dialogue. This character was memorable to me because there are a lot of mysteries about him and that makes me want to create some sort of story to fill that information that was left blank.

message 13: by Charisma (new)

Charisma Ayers | 18 comments Okay so the character I chose is Buckley salmon.
He's from the lovely bones.He's pretty interesting because he is the main characters little brother, he can see her after her death. He can also talk to susie. I mean, he could be memorable because he's a side character that you feel bad for. He also helps the reader understand the story better.

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