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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
Dark Fates by Lynn Thompson Lynn Thompson

Genre: Fun, Dark Side, Horror (Short Stories)

Dark Fates

Book Description:

Just in time for nightfall, fun, but still on the dark side.

Dark Fates short stories:

Wrong Number
Valerie’s insomnia is getting worse. Every time she closes her eyes darkness surrounds her and something scary lurks in its wake. If she doesn’t get sleep soon she’ll go crazy, but can she face her dream filled fears?

Dwarfs Eve
Amber, Derrick, Lydia and Josh visit the cemetery on Halloween night under the full moon. Ambers gut instinct tells her not to go, but she never could say no to Derrick…

Tavern Cat
The local tavern was Ranald’s second home, until one night he didn’t show. The bartender gets worried about him. After visiting the sick old man at his home the bartended is convinced that once the Scot is better he will be back to warm his favorite barstool…

Ghostly Wanderings
Bar fights, ghosts, and Summer… Harry doesn’t realize this will be his last night alive. If he’d only changed his ways before the beginning of the evening things might have been different, but Harry was out to have some fun...

The Devil in Disguise
Pete puffed out his chest to try and show some enthusiasm. The last time and only time he fought he almost killed the guy because of his size. But this man was entrancing his woman, along with all of the others and the women either didn’t seem to notice or didn’t care...

Te Amo
Victoria’s restaurant is booming and all it took was a couple of spells; unfortunately the church down the hill is not happy with her or her methods of successes. Victoria is surprised and not prepared at how far they will go to close her down and run her out of town.

Shadow Man
Killian had heard the rumors about this place being haunted, but was hard pressed to believe them. At least not until this night, working graveyard shift…

Belle is on a mission to keep bad karma in its place. Katrina wants to play and Lori’s stuck in the middle without realizing it. Can Lori fix her karma before Belle has to fix it for her?

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Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments I would luv 2 read/review/rate UE book
Tony parsons MSW

Chantelle | 6 comments in PDF format. Would love to read and review.

message 4: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
sent in your requests.

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments Valerie & her husband were in bed, she was having the same reoccurring dream, & sleeping pills did her no good. Her nightmare consisted of a complete skeletal body with a few straggly hairs on its head. The odor from the remains was atrocious.
It was Halloween & a group (Amber, Derrick, Josh, Lydia) had plans to go to an Indian burial mound site. Upon arrival red eyes glowed out at them from the darkness of the shadows. The group had split up. Amber & Derrick found Josh & Lydia in a love lock & appeared to be dead. She tried to run from the red eyes to no avail, it/they caught up with her & her destination had been determined; she was laid with the others.

Ranald (old, widowed, Scottish drunkard) did not show up 1 day & later told Henry (bartender) he would return 1 day. He became very sick & died; Henry & other folks attended his funeral. There on top of his casket was an old scraggly black cat. The priest took it under his arms. He had locked the cat in a room but somehow it escaped & ended up at Ranald funeral farewell get-together. Henry came up with the brilliant idea to pour the cat a beer, it jumped up on the counter & drank it, the locals decided to call the cat the old scot & it lived happily ever after on a cot behind the bar.
Set in a bar where there has been numerous killings Harry (trouble maker) & his gang stroll in. He hooks up with a gal whose B/F stand by idly & watches.

Summer liked to go to the bar because she was a writer who liked to write about ghosts. The patrons of the bar were flesh/blood or spirits. Henry & his bunch had started a fight with knives. The band quit playing & the place became total chaos. PPL were seriously injured or dead. “Another one bites the dust” as Summer walks out the door.

An elegantly dressed gentleman strolls into the Honky-Tonk bar while the band is playing. All the owner in there swarm around him, including James & Pete’s G/F’s.
A decision was made he needed to be hurt. Pete & James got together all the angry men & they headed toward the new guy. Dave was the ringleader. As the group approached him they noticed he had cloven hooves the sign of the devil. He however noticed he had forgotten to put shoes on & left the bar immediately.

Victoria (owner of Te Amo bar/grill) she had a ton of customers on a daily basis. 1 day the doors & shutters began shaking, they quit, the lights went out & all the doors slammed shut. She lit candles & assured the patrons everything was all right.

Her sisters/mom/grandmother were witches, she was not real sure if she was. Soon everything was somewhat back to normal & Victoria got the door open so the customers could leave. She sent her employees to the church where they would be safe, the catholic priest new she was a witch. He figured out the building was possessed & was going to perform an exorcism. It worked.

Killian knew the old run down penitentiary was haunted. Last yr. there was a 36 hr. riot. Cell block 5 (murderers/serial killers) was being worked on so the prisoners were moved to Cell block 3 it had become over crowded. The prisoners were drunk on homemade hooch & at 1:00 AM it begin. 2 officers died. Killian needed to take a bathroom break, he told Larry he was going. He encountered a torso of a dead man hanging from a noose who had been severely burned with blood still dripping on the floor, & his genitals had been cut off after they were BBQ’d & shoved his mouth. The day of the riot Geronimo (serial rapist, murderer) had killed Trevor who had snitched on him & an older man. He was later found gutted. The torso appeared to be Trevor, an image of Geronimo appeared on the floor. Killian finally realized this was not real, but did he believe in the spirit world?

Belle, Lee, Katrina, possessed powers enabling them to throw flames out of their fingers & burn human PPL alive, including Lori (lazy, liar, she steals & is a drama Queen) who they all hated. They caught the building & her on fire.

What wonderful/unique free short stories, very well written, great characters, plot, easy story content to follow. I will have to give these 5 stars.

Thank you
Tony Parsons MSW

message 6: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
Tony can you post this review on your goodreads under the book title. That way others can see it.

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments some X's it works, some X's U cant find the books so I go 2 other sources got it on there now

message 8: by Lynn (new) - added it

Lynn Thompson (lynnthompsonbooks) | 9 comments Hi Tony,
Thank You for the great review. If you need me to send you any book links please let me know, if they are broken I need to get them fixed.


Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments it wasn't UR end its goodreads, like FB they are improving, millions log on at a X, they got that problem resolved :-)

message 10: by Lynn (new) - added it

Lynn Thompson (lynnthompsonbooks) | 9 comments Glad to hear that it wasn't my end:)
Thanks Tony

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