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Kristina Simon (kristinasimon) | 10973 comments Mod
The Fall 2013 Challenge will end on Saturday November 30th at midnight EASTERN TIME. Here are some things you need to do:

1. Post any tasks that you have already completed NOW. A long, impressive list posted at the last minute may seem cool, but it creates many potential problems for you and for the moderators. If your tasks are not posted completely and correctly by midnight on November 30, you don’t get credit for them, no matter why they didn’t get posted.
• There’s no telling when Goodreads will give you problems – remember when it went down on the last night of the Winter 2012 challenge? the "capacity" issues? You may have trouble with Goodreads, with the internet or with your computer - things happen.
• If you post tasks at the last minute, problems may not be identified in time for you to deal with them and get credit for the task. Sometimes the problem is that you forgot to add information, but if you don’t post until the last day, there may not be time for me to identify the problem and you to fix it before midnight.
• Remember that to get credit for a task, it must be posted with all necessary requirements in the post and the books must fit the task. If you have any doubts about a book that you’re planning to read at the last minute, you should get it approved in the help thread (and include that information in your post) to avoid any last minute disappointments. This includes genre related tasks. Even if the book is approved in the Help Thread, you still need to include the required information.

2. If you’re planning on reading any books that only exist in e-book form, make sure NOW that they’ve been approved for length. If they haven’t already been approved, post in the approval thread NOW, so that we will have time to do the research and give you the green light. To be safe, you should request approval by the end of the day on the 27th at the very latest. And if your book is marginal on page length, you should make sure that it’s fully approved, not just conditionally approved, before you rely on it to fulfill a task. Remember to include the verification reference when you post.

3. Check your Readerboard totals for points, GR authors and Big Books NOW. If they don’t agree with your records, first make sure that you check the post through which the readerboards have been updated, keeping in mind that they all aren’t necessarily updated through the same post number. Then check your math, check to see if you have messages in the ?/problems thread, check to make sure that you’ve actually posted the tasks that you think you have – GR has been known to eat messages! If checking all of those things doesn’t resolve the discrepancy, post in the ?/problems thread right away, giving as much info as possible so that we can try to resolve it. Please remember that if there was a problem with a post a REPOST is necessary, we DO NOT go back to the original post. Editing a post NEVER solves a problem. Also, remember that reposts must include ALL the information required for the task. We will not go back and pick up information from previous posts.

4. From here on out, the best thing would be for you to post tasks as you finish them, rather than holding them to post a bunch at a time. And, please, before you post, read the task requirements! If something says REQUIRED, you must include it. Read through the task requirements one last time, to make sure that your book actually works for the task and that you’ve included everything.


message 2: by Kristina Simon (new)

Kristina Simon (kristinasimon) | 10973 comments Mod
With 6 days left in the Fall Challenge, here are a few things to think about:

If you are currently reading a book or you plan to read one that fits a task requiring a specific genre, you may want to get your book approved for that genre in the Fall 2013 Genre Verification Help Thread. If the genre you need falls off the first page on Saturday night, it may not show back up in time for you to get credit for the book you read.

Also, if you're reading a book for a 20, 25, or 30 point task that has less than 300 pages and is labeled Young Adult, you may want to get it verified that "childrens" does not appear on the book's main page as well. People often confuse YA with children's books and sometimes all it takes is for one or two people to shelve it that way to make the genre show up (or GRs change how many genres it's going to show). If the 20, 25, or 30 point task you're working on allows children's books, then you don't need to do this.

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