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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5718 comments Mod
Single Title Novels (alpha order)

All I Want For Christmas (Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells) (Nov 1994)
Angels Fall (July 2006)
The Art of Deception (Feb 1986)
The Best Mistake (Birds, Bees and Babies '94) (May 1994)
Birthright (March 2003)
Black Hills (July 2009)
Blithe Images (Jan 1982)
Blue Smoke (Oct 2005)
Boundary Lines (Oct 1985)
Carnal Innocence (Jan 1992)
Carolina Moon (March 2000)
Chasing Fire (April 2011)
The Collector (April 2014)
Come Sundown (June 2017)
Divine Evil (Oct 1992)
Dual Image (Dec 1985)
Endings and Beginning (Jan 1984)
First Impression (April 1984)
From This Day (Jan 1983)
Gabriel's Angel (Aug 1989)
Genuine Lies (Sept 1991)
The Heart's Victory (Nov 1982)
Her Mother's Keeper (April 1983)
Hidden Riches (July 1994)
Hideaway (May/2020)
High Noon (July 2007)
Home For Christmas (Silhouette Christmas Stories 1986) (Nov 1986)
Homeport (March 1998)
Honest Illusions (July 1992)
Hot Ice (Aug 1987)
Impulse (Silhouette Summer Sizzlers 1989) (June 1989)
Island of Flowers (Oct 1982)
The Law Is a Lady (July 1984)
Legacy (May 2021)
Less of a Stranger (June 1984)
The Liar (April 2015)
Local Hero (Jan 1988)
A Matter of Choice (May 1984)
Midnight Bayou (Nov 2001)
Mind over Matter (April 1987)
Montana Sky (March 1996)
The Name of the Game (Nov 1988)
Night Moves (June 1985)
Northern Lights (Oct 2004)
The Obsession (April 2016)
Once More With Feeling (May 1983)
Opposites Attract (Nov 1984)
Partners (May 1985)
Private Scandals (July 1993)
Promise Me Tomorrow (Feb 1984)
Public Secrets (July 1990)
The Reef (Sept 1998)
The Right Path (March 1985)
Risky Business (Sept 1986)
River's End (March 1999)
Rules of the Game (Oct 1984)
Sanctuary (March 1997)
The Search (July 2010)
Search for Love (July 1982)
Shelter in Place (May 2018)
Song of the West (April 1982)
Storm Warning (Feb 1984)
Sullivan's Woman (March 1984)
Sweet Revenge (Jan 1989)
Temptation (Sept 1987)
This Magic Moment (Nov 1983)
Three Fates (April 2002)
Tonight and Always (July 1983)
Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (July 1986)
Tribute (July 2008)
True Betrayals (June 1995)
Under Currents (July 2019)
Unfinished Business (June 1992)
Untamed (Oct 1983)
The Villa (March 2001)
The Welcoming (Oct 1989)
Whiskey Beach (April 2013)
A Will and a Way (Nov 1986)
The Witness (April 2012)

Trilogies / Series (alpha order)
Bannion Family
Reflections (June 1983)
Dance of Dreams (Sept 1983)

Born In Trilogy
Born in Fire (Oct 1994)
Born in Ice (Aug 1995)
Born in Shame (Jan 1996)

The Bride Quartet
Vision In White (May 2009)
Bed of Roses (Dec 2009)
Savor the Moment (April 2010)
Happy Ever After (Nov 2010)

The Calhoun Women
Courting Catherine (June 1991)
A Man for Amanda (July 1991)
For the Love of Lilah (Aug 1991)
Suzanna's Surrender (Sept 1991)
Megan's Mate (Nov 1996)

Celebrity Magazine
Second Nature (Jan 1986)
One Summer (April 1986)

Chesapeake Bay Saga
Sea Swept (Jan 1998)
Rising Tides (Aug 1998)
Inner Harbor (Jan 1999)
Chesapeake Blue (Nov 2002)
Christmas With The Quinns (download from

Chronicles of The One
Year One (Dec 2017)
Of Blood and Bone (Nov 2018)
The Rise of the Magicks (December 2019)

Circle Trilogy
Morrigan's Cross (Sept 2006)
Dance of the Gods (Oct 2006)
Valley of Silence (Nov 2006)

Cordina's Royal Family
Affaire Royale (May 1986)
Command Performance (July 1987)
The Playboy Prince (Oct 1987)
Cordina's Crown Jewel (Feb 2002)

The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy
Dark Witch (November 2013)
Shadow Spell (March 2014)
Blood Magick (October 2014)

DC Detectives
Sacred Sins (November 1987)
Brazen Virtues (May 1988)

Donovan Legacy
Captivated (Sept 1992)
Entranced (Oct 1992)
Charmed (Nov 1992)
Enchanted (Nov 1999)

The Dragon Heart Legacy
The Awakening (Nov 2020)

Dream Trilogy
Daring to Dream (Aug 1996)
Holding the Dream (Jan 1997)
Finding the Dream (Aug 1997)

Gallaghers of Ardmore / Irish Trilogy
Jewels of the Sun (Nov 1999)
Tears of the Moon (July 2000)
Heart of the Sea (Dec 2000)
Christmas In Ardmore (download from

Great Chefs
Summer Desserts (Nov 1985)
Lessons Learned (June 1986)

The Guardian Trilogy
Stars of Fortune (November 2015)
Bay of Sighs (June 2016)
Island of Glass (December 2016)

Inn Boonsboro Trilogy
The Next Always (Nov 2011)
The Last Boyfriend (May 2012)
The Perfect Hope (Nov 2012)

In The Garden Trilogy
Blue Dahlia (Oct 2004)
Black Rose (May 2005)
Red Lily (Nov 2005)

Irish Hearts Trilogy
Irish Thoroughbred (May 1981)
Irish Rose (March 1988)
Irish Rebel (June 2000)

Key Trilogy
Key of Light (Nov 2003)
Key of Knowledge (Dec 2003)
Key of Valor (Jan 2004)

Jack's History
Loving Jack (Jan 1989)
Best Laid Plans (March 1989)
Lawless (May 1989)

The MacGregors
Rebellion (Aug 1988)
In From The Cold (Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories 1990) (Nov 1990)
For Now, Forever (Feb 1987)
Playing The Odds (March 1985)
Tempting Fate (May 1985)
All The Possibilities (July 1985)
One Man's Art (Sept 1985)
The MacGregor Brides (Nov 1997)
The Winning Hand (Oct 1998)
The MacGregor Grooms (Nov 1998)
The Perfect Neighbor (March 1999)

The MacKade Brothers
The Return of Rafe MacKade (April 1995)
The Pride of Jared MacKade (Dec 1995)
The Heart of Devin MacKade (March 1996)
The Fall of Shane MacKade (April 1996)

Night Tales
Night Shift (Jan 1991)
Night Shadow (March 1991)
Nightshade (Nov 1993)
Night Smoke (Oct 1994)
Night Shield (Sept 2000)

The O'Hurleys
The Last Honest Woman (May 1988)
Dance to the Piper (July 1988)
Skin Deep (Sept 1988)
Without A Trace (Oct 1990)

Sign of Seven Trilogy
Blood Brothers (Dec 2007)
The Hollow (May 2008)
The Pagan Stone (Dec 2008)

Stanislaski Family
Taming Natasha (March 1990)
Luring A Lady (Dec 1991)
Falling for Rachel (April 1993)
Convincing Alex (March 1994)
Waiting For Nick (March 1997)
Considering Kate (Feb 2001)

Stars of Mithra
Hidden Star (Oct 1997)
Captive Star (Dec 1997)
Secret Star (Feb 1998)

Three Sisters Island Trilogy
Dance Upon the Air (June 2001)
Heaven and Earth (Dec 2001)
Face the Fire (June 2002)

Time and Again
Time Was (Dec 1989)
Times Change (Jan 1990)

(Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan, Marianne Wilman)
Once Upon A Castle (March 1998)
Once Upon A Star (Dec 1999)
Once Upon A Dream (Nov 2000)
Once Upon A Rose (Oct 2001)
Once Upon A Kiss (Oct 2002)
Once Upon A Midnight (Oct 2003)
Moon Shadows (Sept 2004)

message 2: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn | 1 comments Hi thanks for this comprehensive list. I have been reading Chasing Fire does it really end so abruptly. Is there a sequel. Love Nora Roberts and JD Robbs.

message 3: by Jonetta (new)

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5718 comments Mod
Sorry, no sequel to Chasing Fire:(

message 4: by Erin (new)

Erin (tesserin) | 172 comments I'm not sure where to post this question:

With regard to creating our Nora Bookshelves so we can keep track of what we've read & want to read, is there a specific way I need to enter books that contain more than 1 story? Such as Dangerous: Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming or Going Home: Unfinished Business / Island of Flowers / Mind over Matter
These stories have similar themes but the characters are not part of a big family like the MacGregors.

message 5: by Jonetta (new)

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5718 comments Mod
These are anthologies or omnibus collections (when the books are connected to the same series). Personally, I would list the books separately as the purpose is to track each Nora book read. I’d leave a note on your page that reflects it was part of an anthology or omnibus collection so you know you don’t own the individual book.

Make sense?

message 6: by Erin (new)

Erin (tesserin) | 172 comments Jonetta

Yes that makes sense. Thank you!

message 7: by Jonetta (new)

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5718 comments Mod
You’re welcome!

message 8: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 26 comments wwhat trilogy came out after the Guardians trilogy?

message 9: by Jonetta (new)

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5718 comments Mod
Here’s the list of series in published order:

message 10: by Maggie (new)

Maggie I'm trying to remember which series it is of Nora's but am having trouble. There were 3 brothers... someone owned a pizza shop.. I think one was rebuilding a house? Anyone know which ones I'm talking about?

message 11: by Erin (new)

Erin (tesserin) | 172 comments Yes. It’s the Inn Boonsboro trilogy :)
Book 1 is The Next Always

message 12: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Erin wrote: "Yes. It’s the Inn Boonsboro trilogy :)
Book 1 is The Next Always"

Thank you!

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