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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. MG book about a girl who gets a used camera from her grandma [s]

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Kate (Feathered Turtle Press Reviews) (stargazer401) | 256 comments MG book read between 2002 - 2005 about a girl (12 - 14 years old, possibly) who gets an old camera from her grandmother for her birthday. She might've been expecting something nicer or newer. The camera was wrapped in different kinds of old wrapping paper taped together since the grandmother believed in reusing them / not wasting them by throwing them out. I think a good part of the middle of the story was about the girl learning about her family history through an old picture album (all taken with the old camera, I believe). In the end, as her, her parents and her grandma come home from somewhere (I want to say church, but I'm not sure) they see smoke in the distance. It's the (view spoiler)

The book looked a little worn when I read it. It might have had a purple border on the cover, but I could just be thinking about a different old cover.

Kate (Feathered Turtle Press Reviews) (stargazer401) | 256 comments I think Sweet Memories Still may be it. The description sounds right and an Amazon review mentions the girl saving the photos by redrawing them which sounds familiar, but the cover and title don't sound familiar. I think I'll have to find a copy to reread before I'm sure.

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35166 comments Mod
Here's another cover of "Sweet Memories Still":

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Kate, a single book can have a lot of different covers. So take those with a grain of salt. If you could let us know if that is the book after you've checked it out, we'd all love to know that you'd found your missing "friend". :o)

Kate (Feathered Turtle Press Reviews) (stargazer401) | 256 comments Sweet Memories Still is the right book, thank you! I found my old copy today when we were going through some old totes looking for Christmas stuff. I thought it was lost in the flood we had a few years ago, like a lot of my middle grade books were, but some of my stuff got mixed in with my sister's.

message 7: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35166 comments Mod
Great! Glad you found your old "friend". :)

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