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Does anyone else out there really dislike this book?

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I don't understand what all the fuss is about. This book has gotten so many good reviews and is adored by many, when I really struggled just to get through the first one (the second one was much easier). Aspen and Maxon are pretty much indifferent to me--I don't feel much for either one of them. Plus, the dialogue in this book is unrealistically painful. I'm not dissing any of the die-hard fans but...why??

Ilana have you gotten into the other dystopian YA series? i sometimes think that when you try to compare them to the writing and story lines of the others, you fall a little short. one thing that i noticed in the style of writing with this series is that it's very teenage angsty which is perhaps the main downfall that i found.

all in all though i really enjoyed it and i think that it's got a lot of potential - especially in the finale installment that we're still waiting on.

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Niki I completely agree with you, Scarlett. The plot had so many holes and was extremely messed up. There was no point to the book besides trying to see who America would marry. And when she didn't appeal to me as a main character (actually she really, really annoyed me) and when Aspen and Maxon were both pretty two-dimensional...the book was left with nothing. Also the rebel thing is just as if they run in and out at the most random moments and don't contribute to the story except it seems as if *every dystopian YA book has a revolution so let's throw one in!* kind of feeling.

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