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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) The Boy

Oh my god....its her again... Standing there in awe, I just had to stare at the beauty and proximity of Skyler, the most popular, and prettiest girl in the entire school. It took me awhile to get used to her, let alone try to talk to her about petty things-school, homework, stuff that geeks would talk about.

The thing is, unlike any other popular girl, this one, was trying to be a wanna be.

Sure, she had the looks, style, the poise, everything that would make a popular girl shine, and shine, she did. The thing was...Skyler actually was a geek before all of this happened, I should know...I was her best friend before all of this, "change" happened.

Before she became popular, back in the good ole days, as my mother would say, she would always come to my house after school, and we would actual do our homework, eat some chocolate ice cream, and talk about how annoying the popular people are. Little did we know that one of us was going to have the opportunity to change all that just a year later. It just took a year to go into the most unnoticeable girl in the school, to the most highly recognized girl in probably the whole valley, which is saying a lot.

So how did this girl, who I used to hang out with, turned into the most popular slut in Valley High?

As I questioned and pondered on the inevitable, Skyler walks towards me, and my breaths become a little bit more shallow. It wasnt that I liked her, I have always thought about that, but then dismissed the thought, because a low life guy, like me, would never have the chance to go out with Skyler, its just that...she was so..beautiful...

"Sam?" The sound of her voice, her sweet voice, like chimes in the wind, reminded me that she asked a question from me, which I failed to remember, thinking on other important things, like why she was acting this way. I picked my head up from my journal, closing it quickly, she could have seen what I wrote in there, and that wouldnt be too good.

Her light fair hair swept down into monumental curls, looking like she wasnt trying that hard, but in reality, she might be trying all of her might to get those curls to be exactly the way she wanted them. I knew better. Trying to decide whether to pay attention to her, or ignore her, like she left me, I decided that I will always love Skyler as a sister, so I would never show how she hurt me. "Yes?" God dammit, your voice sounds so squeaky today! Did you tighten it up with a screw driver?!?!?! My embarrassment was not endless for the way I treated myself sometimes.

I could tell that Skyler was trying not to laugh, because she smirked a little bit, holding her laugh as much as she could, probably deciding that I wasnt worth the laugh today. Gah, why did she have to wear, that today? I looked at the unique outfit she was wearing, clearly, she has changed her sense of fashion entirely well, and it took me a minute to figure out what type of clothes she was wearing. Skyler wore the most provocative outfit I have ever seen in my life, and it was barely the first day of school. A blue sparkly dress that went a little low where her chest area was, and was a little...short to where her thighs were. Not that I minded that much...heck...she could wear whatever she wants, and still look good in it.

"Sam? Did you just hear what I said?" The stern and cold voice from Skyler made me awake entirely from my day dreaming, making me realize that they were in the study room or study hall, however the school liked to call it. I looked around, and realized that many of the kids were busy scrawling away in their notebooks, trying to probably finish their chemistry homework for Mr.Nicker.

I silently cursed myself for daydreaming like that, and even thinking about her in the most nastiest way I possibly could. Leave it to me to do that part for the guys, the perverted part. "Im so sorry Sky, I didnt realize that...that you were talking. Could you repeat that again?" You sound so stupid! Why are you even talking to her? What did she do for you to make you this way? Oh, right, she broke your fat heart!

Seeing that her smirk subsided, I calmed a little bit, I truly could deal with a unhappy Skyler, for she would simply leave if she got too mad, and that, I could deal with. The fact that she was smirking, made it even more uncomfortably. I twitched a little bit, but Skyler didnt really pay attention to me, she sighed a deep sigh, and ran a hand through her thin, silky hair, hair that I have always dreamed of touching. "Sam, are you day dreaming again?" Another small smirk appeared, and it was like a jam to the head, for she truly knew me well. That was the worst part, her knowing me better than anyone. The question was dismissed as I didnt answer, and she continued, "Hey, I was wondering if you could come after school, and tutor me for...Spanish." I could tell she was nervous about asking, for she played with her scarf that she had on, her acrylic nails messing with the hem of the scarf.

The quietness evaded me as I thought once again, a billion different answers. No, because you broke my heart. Sure! Just come over like we used to, before you broke my heart! No thank you, have a nice day getting herpes! Yeah sure, let me go tell my mom so she could get the bed ready for your boyfriend... All these nasty remarks caused different reactions in my mind, on what she would do, and when I realized that she might actually cry, and get mad, or depressed, I decided that the best thing to do, was just to comply, politely. "Sure Sky, what time do you want to come over?" Spanish was the easiest subject for me, because my mother taught me both Spanish, and English before I even came to school. Dual Languages, they would put me in, I think...but what did it matter? Sky was an all American hick girl, that became the All American slut, so what if I became from The All Mexican Reject, to The All Mexican Prostitute? The thought was quite terrifying for me, and I gulped just a bit as Skyler had the look of thought on her face, figuring the best time out of her "busy" schedule.

"Would five be okay?" The bell rung, and I got up swiftly, putting my tattered notebook, where I kept all my poetry that I have written in there, in my backpack. Everyone was filing out of the classroom, but Skyler was waiting patiently for my answer.

Nodding my head, Skyler smiled a bit smugly, like she knew I wouldnt refuse, and waved goodbye, not even saying have a good day or anything.What am I getting into exactly? Is this a trick to get me to do something?. By the time she left, I muttered, "Have a good day, All American Slut."

The Girl

Why cant anyone understand me!?! Lunch time is just five minutes away, and I could feel the excitement tolling off of the students, excited to get out of the classes for an hour of pure gossip and food, two of teenagers favorite things. I was a bit mad that the Chemistry Teacher made us take a test on the first day, but its like I wasnt prepared. In fact, I was the first one done in the class. But was I going to be the first one done, and prove that Im the geek? Heck no!

Its not like I dont want to prove that Im smart, Im just a bit embarrased that people assume populars are the dumbest kids in the school. Some of them, I have to admit, are really dumb, but I would never say that to my friends.

The clock was ticking, and it seemed as it tolled on forever, as I just tried to look bored, or looking like I failed on the test already. One of my friends, Kirsten, waved at me, and she smirked at my ridiculous position I was in. I rolled my eyes, trying to perk up a bit, as I thought about the conversation I had with Sam earlier that day.

Why is he acting so weird now? Its not like anything changed between us...He is the one who doesnt like the fact that I changed from a small girl, to a big girl now. Its not like anything big changed, we still get to hang out...The only thing that changed is that Im dating Kirk...thats all...besides, Kirk is awesome, sweet, and makes me feel special!

You could tell that my anger was present, because next thing you know, my pencil snapped, and everyone looked at me. I smiled, thinking about how dumb I must look, but a lot of people smiled back, like it was normal. Everyone loved how outgoing I was, but the truth is, everything that I did brought a churning stomach ache, so everyday, I would throw up after school, trying to get rid of my sickness that was bothering me.

As soon as the bell rang, I got up, brought my test to the teacher, and he looked at me, surprised that I even finished. All the teachers were surprised that I get good grades, and they would have told the whole class, but I told them, that I dont want to get made fun of. That wasnt entirely true, but at least they had a good student to keep track of.

"Skyler!! Where do you think you are going!" Kirsten came up right behind me, as I was walking down the hall, her ten inch heels clacking to make her taller than everyone else. She was a bit of a shorty, but she had the most prominent figure in the whole high school, so I was a bit jealous.

I tried to keep my eyes in the same place, sometimes, this girl could drive anyone crazy. Feeling a bit annoyed, I stopped dead in my tracks, and waited for Kirsten to come right next to me. "Hey Kirsten, how was your summer?" I should know, she texted to me about it for the whole summer, how she went to Paris with her boyfriend, Scott, while I tried to meet my boyfriend here and there while he had football practice.

On my part, it was equally a bad idea to ask her that question, for she immediately began to gloat about how much fun she had with Scott. "Oh my goodness!! It was so good!! was better than good, it was perfect! Scott took me to the most romatic places in the world, it was to die for!! I just absolutely love him so much, that I might get married with him when we get out of this place!" Yeah, that is what you said with John, and you broke his heart because you were dating secretly with his brother, Scott. Now they both hate each other...good try...

Now, I tried to smile, and at the same time, I felt someone grab my hips, and pull me towards them. A cry came out of my mouth, as I looked up at Kirk, smirking just a bit as he kept his hand there on my sides. "Hey beautiful..." Kirk said in the most cutest tone. He had his hair tousled, in fact, everyday, it looked as if he just woke up from bed, and came to school.

Sometimes, I would talk to him about not doing this, not touching me in front of public, because honestly, it felt uncomfortable, but he didnt listen. That was the only thing that bothered me so much. "Kirk..." I said with a warning tone, as we sit down at the lunch table where my friends sit. It was a small table, since there were only a couple of people that were in my group, but they were so funny in their own way.

Kirk smirked a bit, and kissed me on the lips, a kiss that was so tempting, that I just didnt refuse. He smiled on my lips, and whispered, "Hey, your my girlfriend, I can do whatever I want..." Kirk pulled away, then looked around the table, watching everyone else closely. I didnt pay much attention to what they were talking about, probably another gossip or rumor that they would make up on the spot. I didnt like how they did that, but I would usual just nod, and smile.

"Hey babe, do you want to go to the party tonight?" Kirk's voice was a bit impatient, like I havent been paying attention to him that much. I havent, so I shrugged. He continued, "Its at my house, at seven o clock. Be there...Ill pick you up at six, say its a date..."

What could I do? I had something with Sam, but who would I choose?

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) The Predator

Have you ever just started to do something, and then, you want to stop, but you just cant bring yourself to do it? Its like an addiction, your in control, or so you think, but in reality, you are not in control. You may know that you are not in control, but cant bring yourself to stop what you are doing, even if you know it is wrong deep inside.

Story of my life right there. I just cant stop what I do. Im the guy in the basement, watching videos that I shouldnt be watching, or trying to get little girls to meet me, and realize Im not who I say I am.

I guess I started when I was fourteen, when I began to look at graphic videos, and actually get really interested in girls and their breasts. Young age, you say? Think again. There are ten year old kids online, and probably doing bad stuff on their too. Im not the only crazy one...or so I think.

But when I actually started to talk to girls online, and stalk them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to kidnap them, that was at the age of twenty two. Ive always been interested into computers, so I have a high security system, that the FBI, or the CIA, wont be able to find where these girls are.

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) [ editing ]

This story will get to the plot line soon...So I may just post a lot of posts so you can read to where it gets interesting as I write right now...:D

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice (alice20) Oh my god, I loved reading this! I've roleplayed with you before, so it wasn't a surprise how well it was written ;)

The way you introduced details about Skyler and showed Sam's crush/obsession with her at the same time was clever. I also really liked Sam's narration. It was funny (probably unintentionally) because he wanted to hate her, but couldn't prevent himself from noticing her beauty.

You have some grammatical errors with commas, stuff like "The stern and cold voice from Skyler, made me awake entirely from my day dreaming, making me realize that they were in the study room, or study hall, however the school liked to call it." (You should omit the comma between "Skyler" and "made", and "study room" and "or")

This was so good, though. I really want to see what happens with Sam and Skyler, particularly because your characterization was excellent.

message 5: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Thanks :D Im glad you like it very much so... :D And yup, that is the problem with me, Im the worst at grammar...thanks for the edit...feel free to tell me what else I did wrong with grammar as the time continues!!

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Amy Thomson | 21 comments This is sooo good! I'm so interested in reading more! I can't wait to see the plot thicken. Also, I love Skyler and Sam's relationship, I'm wondering where it will lead and what the past of it was. Agreeing with Ali, I love that he wants to hate the 'All American Slut' (cringing at the word slut aha) but he can't help but constantly complement her; "its just that...she was so..beautiful..." and "heck...she could wear whatever she wants, and still look good in it".

One little thing I picked up on was when you say ", my mother would say," isn't it supposed to be AS my mother would say?
Anywho, just a tiny thing. It's really good. I'm intrigued. Is there anyway you could put up a sort of blurb for me to kind of have a little back ground info? If not it's cool, I'll just have to wait and read on, but yeah. :D
Nice one:)

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Background info will piece together as I add Skyler's point of view in there :D

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Amy Thomson | 21 comments Eee, I'm excited!:D

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Alice (alice20) Moi too! And Juliana you know you can add stories on Goodreads, right?

message 10: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Yes, I know that...But I dont really know if my story is goodreads worthy :/

message 11: by Alice (new)

Alice (alice20) Are you kidding me?! It's better than most out there, trust me ;)

message 12: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Added a chapter :D

message 13: by Alice (new)

Alice (alice20) Can't wait to find out who she chose!

message 14: by Amy (new)

Amy Thomson | 21 comments Same here, I like Sam much better though:) x

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