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What did you think about the main character?
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Did you like her? Do you think she is a credible character?
I think she was too cold and calculating, she showed almost no emotion when taking certain decisions. She was not a credible character for me because every time she had a problem she was so collected and cool towards whatever was happening, that it is really hard to believe that a person would react like that if they were in a similar situation....

I didn't like her at all. the moral of the book is supposed to be about ambition and following our desires but she didnt follow her desire of travelling all she cared about was money and then more money! she was not experiencing new things as she says, because it was all the same in the club every single night. and it was not about finding herself either! it was all about money.
and the ending was not impressive, i didnt like it!

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I thought Coelho was writing her in a cliched 2 dimensional way on purpose and at some point their would be a twist in the book, where it would deepen. But no, it was always just a girl who had no real ambition or passion in life and who did stuff because money was offered to her. Ridiculous that she was speaking French in no time and reading French books on business within a few months of arriving in Switzerland etc. There was a chance here for a character who lived on the darkside to better her situation, a look into the way a prostitution feels and why she does it. But the prostitute was very safe and well paid and she had incredible luck rather than a struggle at every step.

I think she is so selfish and she go to abroad to make money and her own pleasure.And she neglect the love of the village lover without any reason to go abroad.

I don't like her. She was not only selfish or ambition-less, I would say, but also not a woman of her words. She only cared about money when she left her home and later on when she had plans on going back she was planning to get married to the guy over there waiting for her. Whatttt? As if she was the center of everyone's universe. Also, she has no clear reasons for taking decisions she took. I bet she couldn't even explain to herself as to what and why she was doing everything she did.
She was just a money minded person.

nopes, didn't like anything about her...all she wanted was money in life...it didn't make any difference to her to lie to her family...not that her family was facing any major financial crisis..

and then, she turns out to be extremely fortunate in the end that end makes the entire story so so so unrealistic...After Alchemist, I expected better stuff from the author...now am kinda doubtful about picking any other novel of his.

Ahmad Qassab Bashi I read a lot to him and like everyone I would say his best book is The Alchemist. As for the other books (which I read) they are all not good and I di ...more
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deleted user I agree. I loved the Alchemist but I´m afraid to read another book by him after this waste of time.
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