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message 1: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Daniels | 2 comments I've just joined the group and wanted to say hello. I can see I'm a little late here, but since I'm up to my neck in tomatoes, I feel I can jump right in. Just put up 19 pints of tomato soup. Goodbye, Campbells!

message 2: by Casey (new)

Casey (kcrose210) | 74 comments welcome Gloria!

message 3: by Christine, FSC BOOK CLUB MODERATOR (new)

Christine | 107 comments Mod
Welcome, Gloria! We are starting the tomato chapter this week- perfect timing :)

message 4: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Daniels | 2 comments Thanks Christine. I haven't bought the book yet. Are we going to be using it much more or should I wait and get the next book?

message 5: by Mickey (last edited Sep 04, 2013 03:07PM) (new)

Mickey Yea, I am late to the party also. I have not purchased the book either. I just got done canning 10 half pints of "Carrot Pepper Salsa" from the Ball book of persevering.

I have played around with Pickling, Water Bath and Pressure canning, Cheese Making (with the price of hay, my dairy cow has a date with the butcher this fall ) and other dairy basics.

What I would like to try next is bread making or baking in general with non gmo flours. I do not own a stand mixer yet or wheat grinder yet, but is on my wish list.

I am open to options for the "From Scratch Club"
Oh, is this a women's only group?

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