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reviews widget in my mobile app

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message 1: by Mazhar (new)

Mazhar | 4 comments i am trying to integrate your reviews in my windows phone 8 mobile app. i put it there but how can i make it more clear . how can i increase the fonts size?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) I'm not sure thats going to work for you. What does your app do? Is it in the app store?

message 3: by Mazhar (new)

Mazhar | 4 comments not yet, we are in the process of developing our free books app.

our scope for version 1(we hope to increase the scope in the future) is that we will be creating a sort of a advisory sevice for books. basically we are in the process of developing 5 or six filters based on that things we will going to advice our users that these are the best books for you to read. user will going to get very focused replies.

message 4: by Mazhar (new)

Mazhar | 4 comments can you advice me one thing. i have been to your review page ( there is a add your own stylesheet option there.

i will not be getting any stylesheet option when i use your api to access the review widget. but can i use this option in my code after getting your reviews widget? will this answer my question?

message 5: by Mazhar (new)

Mazhar | 4 comments or what's your advice . will i will be able to by some means and offcourse by goodreads consent will be able to use your reviews in my mobile app

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