Arsen: A Broken Love Story Arsen question

Buddy Read...I have a feeling I'm going to need a buddy reading this with me!
Reanell Tisdale Reanell Aug 27, 2013 04:25PM
Please feel free to join in on discussions :)

I know. I lost a child when I was 25 and it was devastating. I've never been able to conceive again. I can't imagine losing more than one.

Hello! Thanks again!

Wow does anybody else think Arsen is a dick?? I just read the bar scene where he takes her to the bathroom

I am so sorry :( I was 25 also, I have refused to try again...I could not imagine going through that more than once - 4 times, I would probably check out too.

Oh boy...I can tell already that I'm going to want to cunt punch Cathy!

I HATE Auto correct! Arsen, not Arden. :(

Are you annoyed by the jumping back and forth in time? It's one of my pet peeves. I've hated it ever since I read 'Absalom, Absalom' in 1977 (that's how much I HATED that book).

Your welcome :) I can't wait to start this!

68% girls...and what a ride its been!!

I finished it about 5 minutes ago. I read like a demon. We'll discuss it when you've caught up, or if you have observations. I don't want to give any spoilers. homework done finally now I can READ!! :)

I'm disabled d, so reading is 'what I do'.

I typically am a speed reader too but I had to work today so I haven't got to read much of it.

I think Arsen is a stereotypical poon hound. Unfortunately, I knew a couple of guys like that in college. TOTAL DICKWADS!

I am at 29% and it's starting to get interesting with Arsen....

Joining in - at 3% and I agree, this book is going to have my emotions all tied up in knots.

52% That was painful to read - my heart is breaking for them.

I'm at 82% and my heart just broke for the 100th time :(

Does anyone else find the story unfinished? Who IS Nadia' s father? What happens to Arden (who apparently isn't as much of an ass as I perceived)?

Reanell Tisdale I took it as she was Arsen's but that was my assumption. And I'm so curious if maybe Arsen will get a book next? ...more
Aug 30, 2013 06:07PM · flag
Taren Feinstein I think it is left up in the air who the father is
Oct 21, 2013 10:38AM · flag

2% in and already know I'm going to be a mess!

Ok, I'm at 55%…I want to bitch slap Cathy!

I am starting it in a couple of minutes!

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