Fueled (Driven, #2) Fueled question

K. Bromberg K. Aug 26, 2013 07:36PM
So...did Fueled live up to your expectations of what you expected?

I started reading Fueled last night and read until I couldnt stay awake. I then brought my kindle to work with me and have just finished it! (Shh dont tell the boss)I cannot even begin to explain how I feel...my emotions are completely all over the place. I adore how K draws you in and one minute you wanna shake both Rylee and Colton, then you wanna hold them and hug them and keep them safe.

This book completely surpassed my expectations, so much so that this is the very first time I have felt the need to write something!

I cannot wait for Crashed!

Maite I can totally relate to the shake them silly and then hug them all over again. So excited for Crashed.
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Mitzie It did live up to the expectations. One of the best trilogy I have read. Loved it.
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over & above my expectations!!!!!!! To say I bloody loved it is an underestimation. I fell in love all over again with Colton & even fell in sisterly love with Rylee...counting down the days for Crashed aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

One of my new favorite series'. I read them consecutively (knowing that book 3 is still to come), but I have been in a Colton bubble for these days it took to read them. Then I read the words 'The End' and the bubble burst. So sad I have to wait for the HEA!

I just finished the book and I absolutely love it. I completely fell in love with Colton and Rylee and I was kind of sad that I already finished it. My emotions are all over the place after reading this book. Between feeling so upset and frustrated about Colton's past and just wanting to take the pain away from him to hating him for being such a man whore!! Lol...
I love your writing and how you bring the characters to life! I cannot wait to read the third book!!!!!

Fueled was so much more than I expected! I am so excited and ready for book 3! I hope it's soon!

Loved it, I was only mad that I have to wait for another book ;)

YES! One of the best books I've ever read. The series is incredible. Can't wait for Crashed!

Definitely. I was very pleasantly surprised! This series is incredible!

Loved it!! Can't wait for Crashed!!

Oh My God Yes! I am mourning the loss of Rylee and Colton in my life....the cliff hanger at the end was enough to make me want to throw my Kindle across the room! I am on PINS AND NEEDLES waiting for CRASHED!

Yes I loved the book. I could not put it down. I had so many emotions out there while reading this book. I am completely in love with Colten and Rylee. I am so looking forward to reading Crashed.

YES!! What an honor to read FUELED!! So looking forward to reading CRASHED!!

So much more than I expected..Actually all 3 books were. I loved them all!!
Definitely in my list of favorites books read!!!!

can't wait for crashed... i really love their story.. it's beyond words to discribe, especially when you read colton feelings for rylee..i love the " I race you" part so much..

Loved it. Better than I expected. Soooo looking forward to Crashed. Writing sooo much better than Driven. Worth reading

So who thinks he wins the race and who thinks he crashes???

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It was everything I was looking for. It surpassed my expectations. I was up until 7am this morning reading it. I need a nap. :)

absolutely. Great read and I am so in love with Rylee. She is so strong but you can still fine the soft side of her, and Colton can knock all her defense's down.

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