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Reyna and Jason. Why we should ship them

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The Mark of Athena

post why you think we should ship them. Jaisper shippers, go over into the corner of shame. And jaisper shippers if you must post no posting they are together you cant change that Blah Blah Blah. I CAN HOPE

so why do you ship reyna and jason? ill post my reasons asap

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Lani What are your reasons? I could care less about who Jason chooses, because I don't really like him.

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They have kniwn each other forever
Plus behing a greek roman couple puts both if them in danger

Lani But isn't Jason technically still a Roman? Or maybe he is Greek and Roman?

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But piper isnt

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Astoria I don't like Jason, and I like Piper as a hero/demigod, but not as Jason's girlfriend. I mean, back in the first book it annoyed me more, now I rather think of her as just Piper.

I ship Reyna as a bad ass girl who has a lt of power in her camp.

Vanessa Andujo Just to add to the discussion.

Would Jason leave or cheat on Piper. I know hard core Jason/Piper fans might want to kill me now lol but it's just part of a point I want to make.

In all of Riordan's YA books all the men/boys are perfectly faithful in their relationships. BUT it does mention quite a bit about past heros using women to get what they want and leave when they loose intrest.

So, could Jason be the one to break the wonderful bf streak in Riordan's book?

I have to admit that it would be interesting to see him question himself considering in the begining all of his feelings toward Piper were based in false memories. If Jason were taken away from Piper, would he still feel the same?

Could Piper's mother be behind this? This reminds me a bit of The Aenied where Juno & Venus got involved in bringing a couple (Aneaus & Dido) together for their own respective reasons.

So yes! I feel that there is every reason to ship Reyna/Jason.

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Lani That's really interesting Vanessa. I don't think Rick Riordan would do that, because all of his ten year olds out there wouldn't really understand. Or maybe they would? I think that it would be really interesting and I would love if something like that happened.

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Yes exactly

Reyhaneh Vanessa wrote: "Just to add to the discussion.

Would Jason leave or cheat on Piper. I know hard core Jason/Piper fans might want to kill me now lol but it's just part of a point I want to make.

In all of Riordan..."

that would be very interesting and a nice twist. I don't care much about Jason/Piper/Reyna but it would still be cool.

Ariel I ship both Jasper and Jeyna, before you ask. However, Jason and Piper's relationship is supposed to mirror Jason and Medea's, apparently, so I have a feeling it's going to end badly. Also, as you said, Jason and Reyna do have back story, but as Jason can't remember the back story and remembers his one with Piper much better, it's probably going to be her. Also, Jason and Reyna are too alike. Has a pairing of two alike people ever worked in YA literature? Exhibit A: Ron/Hermione over Harry/Hermione. Exhibit B: Katniss/Peeta over Katniss/Gale. Exhibit C: Jo/Frederick over Jo/Laurie.

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Qiang Chen Jeyna is waaayyyy better than Jasper. If Juno didn't steal Jason away, Reyna could've had a chance with him plus Piper and Jason's relationship was built on fake memories and fake feelings. That's not the best start to a relationship. Also, they eventually broke up in TOA and Jason died which was heartbreaking. I only just finished Burning Maze and haven't read the next book yet but I'm already dreading Reyna's response. Jeyna is, overall, a pretty nice ship and I ship it. Also, all you Lukabeth shippers can go to Tartarus. Luke was 23 when he died and Annabeth was 16 then. Nuh uh.

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