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“My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know.” ~ Sherlock Holmes

A detective like no other, Sherlock Holmes is famous for his 'astute logical reasoning, his ability to adopt almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases.' Over the years he has become a famed literary character, as well as the star of a BBC series.

So give it up for Sherlock Holmes the Detective - encouraging readers across the globe to pick up their spyglasses, don their deerstalker hats and drawl deductions in British accents :)

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He's so bloody complex, it's hard to summarize him in one post. To some he's a prodigy, to be respected and admired. To others, he's a psychopath (highly-functioning sociopath, do your research) who has the potential to become a serial killer out of boredom. To a very few number, he's a friend. The man who can figure out anything and cannot be stopped by a problem, with terrible social skills and no knowledge of what he believes unnecessary. A man with a deep heart, although you do not know it and even those in his heart do not know where they are. Cold and unfeeling, but he feels. Oh, he does. But you don't know. A mind like a sharp blade, ready for anything, yet a heart overthrown by a kind word and a quiet smile. There are so many adaptations of this character, but underneath they are all the same man, and that man is human and he has a heart, he's just sixty-three times smarter than you will ever be. He's impossible yet...not. At the same time he's so. very. vulnerable. But you are left guessing to his true character, and you have to wonder...

Who is Sherlock Holmes?

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