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message 1: by Crazyuga (new)

Crazyuga | 17 comments Hi Readers,
I love reading harlequin books with family intervention like meddling matchmaker family or overprotective brothers and sisters.
I recently read It was Only a Kiss where I loved the rapport between brothers and sister.So I am looking forward to read books like that..
Any recommendation please?
Thanks All :-)

message 2: by Ted (last edited Dec 16, 2017 12:00PM) (new)

Ted | 70 comments Angel of Darkness by Lynne Graham
Tempt Me Not by Susan Napier
Phantom Lover by Susan Napier
The Hawk and the Lamb by Susan Napier
Deal of a Lifetime by Susan Napier
Quiet Holiday by Rosalind Brett
Dearest Traitor by Patricia Wilson
A Certain Affection by Patricia Wilson
East of Today by Dixie Browning
Chance Tomorrow by Dixie Browning

message 3: by Vintage (new)

Vintage (vintagesedona) | 282 comments I love and hate this theme. I'll be ranting and tearing my hair out over the new ones. Thanks!!

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