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message 1: by Natasha (last edited Nov 26, 2014 12:25PM) (new)

Natasha Holme (natashaholme) Hello Reviewers,

Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary on How I Acquired my Eating Disorder is my edited diary entries from 1989, aged nineteen, when I was struggling with my sexuality. It includes obsessive love, poor self-esteem, and graphic descriptions of my attempts to be heterosexual and of my battle with food.

You can read the first part of the book on my website or on Amazon.

I'm offering an ebook (mobi, epub, pdf) in exchange for reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Goodreads, as well as anywhere else you would like to post them.

Many thanks,

message 2: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Cross (carrie-cross) | 3 comments I'd love to read and review it. Please message me at and I'll message back with my email address for a .pdf file. It sounds fascinating!
~ Author Carrie Cross

message 3: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Holme (natashaholme) Hi Carrie, thanks so much for your swift and positive response. I have Facebook messaged you via my book's page rather than via a personal account as I use a pseudonym. I'm not sure whether it worked, so I'll DM you on Goodreads as well.

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Jiri Soukup | 4 comments Author of a successful novel (Amazon rating 4.4) requesting reviews for his new book
Fourteen Tiles: Real Stories of Unusual Characters
Real life is often more interesting than any fiction. In many countries and from WWII to the present times, this mosaic follows artists, programmers, scientists, soldiers, musicians, sailors, and Boy Scouts – some plain crazy but many of them unassuming, ordinary people who achieved amazing feats and survived wars or oppressive political systems without losing their sense of humor.
This book (225 pp.) fits several categories: Long stories, literary nonfiction, history, or memoir.
I write because I have a lot to say. I am a retired sea captain, offshore sailor, artist, amateur cellist, beekeeper, licensed trapper, and a co-founder of a major high-tech company. I studied mathematics and engineering (PhD), and was one of the pioneers who figured out how to design silicon chips with a computer – an essential step for the rapid evolution of electronics.
If you are interesting in writing a review, please contact me for a copy of the book, preferably in the digital format:,

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Cris (crisdempsey) | 7 comments Sent you an email

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