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message 1: by Simon (new)

Simon Goodson | 25 comments Hi,

I now have a paperback version of Wanderer's Escape ( - can you please add it / attach it to the kindle page (not sure how it's done).

* Title: Wanderer's Escape
* Author(s) name(s): Simon Goodson
* ISBN (or ASIN): 1491099798 (ISBN10) or 978-1491099797 (ISBN13)
* Publisher: Dark Soul Publishing Ltd
* Publication date: 6th August 2013
* Format: Paperback (9 by 6 inches in case there's a technical name for that size) :-)
* Description: Jess was born a prisoner, grew up a prisoner and at sixteen knew he would die a prisoner. When his turn comes to try to break through the traps protecting a spaceship it seems his day to die has come. The ship, and others like it, have already claimed hundreds of prisoner's lives. Instead he manages to avoid the traps and gain access to the ship with two other prisoners, beginning a frantic flight to freedom. Soon Jess finds himself loose in a brutal universe ruled by the Empire and riddled with pirates, slave traders and worse. Can Jess manage to learn the rules of the universe and the capabilities of the ship he has stolen in time to stay alive?

* Link to cover: Same as for the paperback version



message 2: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 5023 comments Paperback edition added and combined.

message 3: by Simon (new)

Simon Goodson | 25 comments Great - thanks. :-)

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