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I wonder if I am the only person who reads 10 books or more at a time?

3 is the maximum I can go at a time.

Edmond Humm Reading 10 books at once is easy, understanding what the authors is trying to create is something altogether different.
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I tend to get into different genre reads. So, I'll devour one certain genre with 2 or 3 different authors' at a time and finish those up while still hopping back and forth to another favorite genre and author from it to finish that said book. Yes, it can be done! I enjoy it...keeps things interesting.

No... all Geminis do it!

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Nope. I always read between 10-15 books at once NOT counting various comic books, joke books and short stories and the like. This also does not count text books or books in other languages. And I always have read this way.

People ask me, how do you keep up with them? and i say, how do you watch several telly shows each week?

What I really love is when I have concurrent themes running between books, say, when I was first starting War and Peace and reading Birdsong and there were some similarities in the young mens' apprehension toward their first battle. In fact I am STILL reading War and Peace and this morning it touched on that story of David and Goliath, and I got an email about David and Goliath today and it made me smile.

I'm also reading Posthumous and The Book Thief and it's Hitler's birthday in both of them right now.

PS it is kind of disappointing though that GoodReads only keeps track of your first 10 books on the home page.

I LAUGHED when I saw this discussion title! I once thought I was a little bit crazy when I realized I was generally reading 4 books at a time. One upstairs, one downstairs, one in bed, and often one or two more. Then life got busy and now I find it best to read just one at a time, and to carry it everywhere - even to the sink when I brush my teeth. I still will occasionally have an additional one or two, especially nonfiction or audio books.

As for confusion, it's no more confusing then having a crew of friends, or six subjects back in school, or the many interesting children I know through work and ministry. Which isn't confusing at all. Just delightful.

I read 3 at once, most people think I'm crazy, one chapter from each and I can keep up on each.

Elizabeth I'm right now reading at least three to four books right now. Since last year in 2014 I was sick and I was going back to school though Penn Foster for ...more
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I always have 4-6 books going at a time. I switch depending on my mood. If there is a book I really like I tend to stop and switch to another one because I don't want it to end! I bought a kobo because I used to carry 2-3 books around wherever I went. I love that I don't have to carry such big handbags around anymore!

I have 37 going right now. sometimes I lose track of the books. only library books do I read one at a time.

I usually have about five books going at a time. They typically aren't all in the same genre so I can switch back and forth depending on my mood. My mom was always flabbergasted that I could do this without confusing the stories but it really isn't that hard.

I don't use a Kindle either. Only real books for me!

I have a Kindle, so it's tempting to read multiple books at once and I often do. Usually a non-fiction or history book along with a fiction book. Right now, I am reading The Hobbit and American Colonies. However, when I read multiple books I tend to favor one over the others and sometimes don't even pick up a book I previously started again. For me, it's that feeling that the are so many books, so little time that brings me to do this.

I read from 3 to about 8 books at once.

I am usually reading several books at once. I keep a paperback in my bag, an audiobook in the car and a book on the nightstand.

I can do 2-3 at a time. If I have a book that is a slower read I will pair it with something that moves a little faster. If I'm reading fiction, I will also read non-fiction.

I usually have at least five books going at the same time. I'll have a novel open on my e-reader that I read only at the gym or while on the road traveling; one novel that I read primarily before bed; one or two non-fiction books from which I read a chapter here and there; and one to several poetry books from which I read individual poems as the mood strikes. I also often read & review e-books for authors as they are in process. Those are usually short reads and I fit them in between other books.

While teaching or taking courses, I have dabbled in perhaps 5-6 books at a time. For my personal pleasure reading, I generally read 2-3 books simultaneously, representing diverse genres (nonfiction, young adult, classics, science fiction, history, etc.). I additionally read "trash" fiction on my NOOK -- or occasionally history or young adult "freebies." I do prefer reading books in almost all cases.

2 or 3 at a time for me. But never two novels at once. Usually one non-fiction and one fiction, with the occasional addition of a book of short stories, or non-fiction on a different subject.

Not at all. I have 18 on my list of books I am currently reading, and that doesn't include the ones I haven't yet added.

I read 3/4 at the same time. It depends on my mood and the topic. It also depends on the time I have to read. I like history, so I like some time between to digest the topic.

Usually I have about 2 to 8 books going at once and i never get them confused. Sometimes im just rereading one or two on my Nook, and sometimes i get focused on a certain one. For switching i usually read the one on hand or the one im in the mood for. Sometimes i get angry at the story so i stop and start another then i go back to it. Hope that helped. :)

It's not difficult to read multiple books at the same time, but only if the genre differs. I tend to get bored by the same genre if I continue reading in it. So, I find it best to read different sort of books at a time.

Once did seven but found it was like doing the washing up, dancing and holding an intelligent conversation all at the same time.

I do that too. It just takes me longer to read the books. Sometimes, months. Sometimes, l'll read it for a little while, then I put it on the back burner for something else and come back to it later.

I read from 5-12 books at a time. I read one book until I get to a slow part and then I pick up another book. I can't remember the last time I picked up one book and read it through without picking up another book.

No, you are not the only person to read multiple books at the same time!

I often read five or six at a time, but usually only one work of fiction is in the mix.

If I started a book, I keep on reading until I finish it. I can't start another book until I finish the one I'm reading :)

I usually don`t have more than two going at the same time, but occasionally the number balloons to five but never more than that. I will read a history book, an anthology of short stories, 2 novels, and a biology/environmental book simultaneously when at my uppermost level, and wander back and forth according to mood and taste. If it`s a murder mystery, however, I will race straight to the end. Just did that to COVER HER FACE by P.D. James, one of my fav writers. Currently I am reading John Keegan`s THE SECOND WORLD WAR and the Mentor book, "the secret sharer" and other Great Stories, edited by Abraham Lass as well as a T.C. Boyle short story anthology. So for the moment it is two short story anthologies, and the huge tome of war.

I often have a couple of books going at the same time, tho' I'm not sure it's a good thing. I'm pretty lousy at multi-tasking but I suppose a lot of books are good books, not great ones. When I really get hooked, then I don't put the book down. I'm usually reading a paper book, one on the kindle, and then something more difficult, say, non-fiction, so I vary depending on place and mental energy.

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Lately I've been reading 3-4 at a time, because the length of those books are long and I often don't like to mix up the plots.

Some books really take the cake, though. Even when I was obsessed with Les Miserables I was still juggling a few other books. Some book plots are confusing, others not so much. I tend to read real books by going through a few pages or a couple of chapters at a time. Same goes for my ereader. It makes me feel more accomplished..... in a way. The type of book I read depends on my mood.

10 at a time? Holy cow. I'd say three is my average. You must be quite the juggler.

Gregsamsa, yes, that is very much like what I do. I always have about 20 books in line. And there are too many on my To Be Read list to read a whole book when the first chapter or so does not grab me. Even if they are authors whose work I have enjoyed before.

I enjoy being a member of this forum because there are so many others that do the same as me and love reading.

I do tend to move around from genre to genre. Just seems more interesting that way.

Same with me Claude. My patience is thinner. I used to read all the book whether it seemed good at the start or not. But now I just don't see I have the time. And while I waste time reading what I don't like, there are thousands of books out there that I would enjoy, and as they say "so little time."

The paying me to read deal; yeah that would be pretty neat. During my entire career there were times they were paying me to do what I loved, and times I felt I was in hell with no "get out of jail free" card.

I'm usually reading to four books at a time as well as listening to one.

I usually have 4-6 books going at the same time, but lately it's gotten so out of control I've lost count! I, too, utilize multiple medias for my reading, depending on the situation. To me, each medium is perfect for specific situations, so it's really easy for me to be reading 4 or more books at once.

Once I pick up a book I haven't read in a while, I usually remember where I left off. But sometimes I put books aside for long periods of time (Game of Thrones). Actually, I've had to restart Game of Thrones twice already because it's just been too long!

I usually try to keep it down to 3 but sometimes it gets up to 8 or 9. I only try to keep it down because I usually feel a little guilty if i allot more time to one book than I do to another one. Having less makes it easier to do. Although sometimes I do just blast through books with a complete disregard for all my others, but that's only if I really like the book.

Typically only 2 or 3, because I get too engrossed to switch away from one or another. I understand the tendency but I force myself to hold off. Instead, I have a large 'to read' pile. Drives my wife a little crazy.

I would have answered that Yes, you are the only person that does this and would have been so wrong. The answers amaze me. I read one at a time and give each book my 100% undivided attention. Maybe, I'm the only person left that does this. Lol.

I read three at a time one chapter from each and I can get track of all story lines.

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People think I'm crazy that I can keep that many straight at one time but I can't understand how you could be confused. They're totally different stories!

I usually have a book at every different chair in my home, a book on my iPad, on my two different iPods and one on my phone. I listen to specific ipods in my cars (work/regular) and then my phone when I'm cleaning or shopping.

I usually have 5-10 going on at any given time. You're not always in the mood for one specific book! It's nice to have a choice :)

I have 2-3 going but prefer to finish one before starting another.

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I thought I was mad, reading so many books at once and when I tell others about it they think me the same. I've read up to 12 books at once. Even though I currently am reading 3, i'm always reading comic books.. always. My pull list is up to 23 a week. It's easier for me to get more done if I read a few chapters of each book and alternate. At the moment I'm invested in 8 T.V. shows so I've limited myself to 3 books. I also tend to take a lot of book heavy classes. Last semester I read more than I ever have in my life. three book/4 textbook and 5 personal, plus comic books and T.V. show viewing and two jobs!

I have 2-7 books I'm reading at the same time. My mom thinks that I'm crazy because I can handle all of the without getting confused. Usually I have an audio book (or more) and a book (or more) that I'm reading. I think I do it more out of not wanting my books to end. :)

Wow, 10 books at once is amazing. I have three going at a time. I have one on my e-reader, one audiobook that I listen to instead of watch TV, and one that my husband and I read together.

I tend to overdose on books I really like, so I normally have about 5 or so going at a time. When I get so engrossed in one that I do not want to put it down, often I will stop anyway at a chapter break, and switch to something in a different genre. I may only read a few pages of whatever I switched over to, and then wind up back into the book I'm so deeply into.

I usually have several going at once. I'll have a library book, several on my nooks, a paperback....whatever I feel like reading. Currently reading The Day of Battle on my nook, but I get tired of the war and I'll take a break and read some fantasy, scifi or mysteries. Sometimes a memoir for awhile and then go back to the war. Then I"ll take another break - it keeps life interesting and keeps me from getting bored. If I feel I HAVE to finish a book before I can start another I get really impatient with the one I'm reading. I love to mix in favorite rereads, too. It keeps reading fun.

I ususally have three going. Changing between them is similar to changing channels on television. Occasionally one book will really grab my attention, and then I read that one in exclusion to the others. I don't use an ereader. I get a headache from the screen.

I can only manage 3-4 at a time . One in each sitting room, one on cd in the car and one in my tote bag-to come and go with me. I also read a number of magazines and journals so I share the obsession!

Good question. I read 4 books once and found it to be too many. Try not to exceed two at any given time, not including magazines.

Same here... i have around 7 to 8 at a time all different genre... See you are not alone :)

I have 'em going all over the place. I started to stack the ones with bookmarks sticking out, got to about 24 and just gave up.

You're hooked. Accept it.

One audiobook, a few on the computer and at least five paper books at a time. I usually have separate books for different functions, for example:
- boring lectures (something light and easy to carry)
- books to savour for months a few pages at a time
- travelling (mostly audiobooks)
- science/popular science books to read a chapter or two when I feel intellectual
- home books (usually hardcover and too heavy to carry around, to be read in a comfy chair while drinking tea)
etc. :)

I usually read 3-4 at a time. Sometimes, depending on the depth of the books, I could go to 5 or 6, but they have to be pretty light.

When I read something really involved, I do have to cut it back to 2 or 3.

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