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Nick (nickqueen) | 307 comments Mod
Let us know below!

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I am listening to the audio book version of this. By itself, Earthsea is a good book, maybe even a great book. With Harlan Ellison reading it, it becomes glorious. I think I fell in love with it about two minutes in, right around the time Ged came running down the mountain with the goats. I know I was hooked when he saved his village.

The problem, for me, is that I keep falling into a deeper level of love with this book. The scene where his ego gets the better of him and he calls the shadow makes me like the book more.

His recovery from that incident, and the skillful way it was handled, makes me like the book more.

His battle with the dragon makes me like the book more.

So I don't think I've fallen as far in love with this one as I will by the end.

message 3: by J-Lynn (new)

J-Lynn (JVanPelt) | 118 comments I decided that this was not going to be one of my favorite fantasies about one chapter into the book. It was taking way too long to read. The passive and detached narration was too distracting.

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