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message 1: by Kara (new)

Kara Babcock (tachyondecay) A couple of years ago, I read a novel about the struggle to found the first proper city along the Euphrates. I remember neither the title nor the author, unfortunately.

As far as I can recall, the main plot consisted of the race against time to complete walls around a village along the Euphrates before a group of barbarians descended upon the village to force its settlers out. I'd love to read it again so I can write a proper review and shelve it.

message 2: by April Ann (last edited May 07, 2009 02:51PM) (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Do you think it was published within the last decade or before? Was it an adult or YA?

So far I have found Dawn of Empire by Sam Barone Dawn of Empire by Sam Barone, pub. 2006.
Summary:Having learned farming and metal forging skills in the years that have passed since the last barbarian raid, the people of Orak encounter a new threat from a brutal tribe of horsemen and prepare a fighting force under the leadership of the outcast Eskkar.

If that's not it I'll keep looking, but any more detail would help.

message 3: by Kara (new)

Kara Babcock (tachyondecay) That's it! Thanks. :)

message 4: by April Ann (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments You're welcome. :)

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