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JK Rowling's New Book Written Under a Pseudonym!!!!
Amanda Amanda Jul 13, 2013 06:02PM
So it has just been revealed, and Rowling has admitted, that this was written by her and was released four months ago!!! Oh my God I think I may pass out! Has anybody read this or is currently reading this and didn't know? Apparantly some readers say it was so well written they thought maybe it was under a pseudonym. I'm so excited! Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy tomorrow! What does everyone think?

Just ordered it from Barnes and Noble! Can't wait!

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Mark Booth Is it true? I have heard a whisper that Dan Brown like JK is involved with a new book; 'The Quest To Regain Paradise' and it has already stocked out o ...more
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I read this book a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. I work at a library and have been hawking it to our patrons. I didn't do research into who the real author was so as to not taint my impression of it. To be honest if I had known it was J.K. I probably would not have read it. I did not like the extent to which they detailed the fake bio (felt lied to). I will none the less read any sequels.

I recently finished this on audible and rated it five stars. While I was reading it, I did a little research (as you do) about the author and became slightly suspicious at the dearth of information about him. So, while I'm not surprised Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym, I am very surprised at who the real writer is. I have never read the Harry Potter books (wrong age group), and wouldn't have bothered with a JK Rowling if I'd known this book was by her, as some reviews have indicated that her other foray into adult fiction was no great shakes. But with this classic Private Detective story, JK Rowling deserves all the accolades she will no doubt get for clearly being able to appeal to a far wider audience.

I’m sure that The Cuckoo’s Calling is a fantastic book - after all J.K. Rowling is a fantastic author and I shall be reading it for sure. However, it seems to be another hard to digest pill for new authors. J.K. seems to have done this very honestly with few people really knowing that she was in fact Robert Galbraith but anyone who believes that no one other than her knew the author’s identity is living in ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ itself! That just cannot happen - I have should know, with dozens of refusals and completely ignored applications of my book ‘Cathedral of Lies’ by publishers and agents. I have now ‘indie’ published on Kindle and the book is slowly getting noticed but only through my own hard and constant work on facebook and other book sites. Cathedral of Lies now has an impressive 46 five star reviews on amazon. Cuckoo’s Calling had sold just 500 copies (about where my book is now) before word got out and the rest is history… straight to best seller. I still have to keep slogging along using my real name with no plan ‘B’ to get my book noticed. Kate Mills are you reading this?

Is it true? I have heard a whisper that Dan Brown like JK is involved with a new book; 'The Quest To Regain Paradise' and it has already stocked out on amazon, #tqtrp Anyone read it yet; I have heard that it is one of the most revelatory book ever written!

I can't believe either!! I'm so going to read this book!!!!

Guillermo Panich haha I'm still hopeful. Thanks! :P ...more
Jul 16, 2013 09:52AM

I think that this would be a delight to read. I will have to check out the stores here to see if they have this book. If this book is as good as critics and the reader say it is, then I think Rowling has another series hit on hand. Don't blame her for keeping this a secret though..

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