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Is there seriously a possibility that Juliette might end up with Warner?
Livi Livi Jun 11, 2013 10:34PM
Seriously, I have to pu the book down just to rant about how much iHATE Warner! Go Adam! I HATE WARNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think there is a serious possibility that she might end up with no one. Theoretically, what if in the third book, when they start delving further into the Restablishment, what if they find out that there are other places like Omega Point out there? With other people like her? Maybe she leaves. Or maybe she ends up with Adam. Or Warner. I honestly have no idea.

Watch polandbananasbooks review of unravel me and she will explain why Juliette and Warner are better for each other.
It's not about who is the better guy, both of them are great, but it's about who is better with her.

Please. Let it be Warner. Pleasse.

I have this depressing crackpot theory regarding Tahereh's tweet of a snippet for Ignite Me:

"And we are quotation marks, inverted and upside down, clinging to one another at the end of this life sentence"
"No," Warner says calmly. "I am not going to kill you.

I have this gut feeling that they are put in a life-threatening situation where one must kill the other and that OUR LOVE, Warner will be a martyr and sacrifice himself for Juliette.

And Tahereh's all like "Oh, I'm just messing with you guys, I was hinting on the complete opposite." and then she goes "It's just about who's the best for Juliette. The best for HER."


Who Knows? I am just dying for book 3! lol

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yes, it is a possibility, the chances are 90%

Oh, please let Juliette end up with Warner. I beg of you, Tahereh Mafi.

U 25x33
Brooke Chase I can’t put into words how annoying Adam is. He is sooo predictable. Warner is unpredictable and three dimensional whereas Adam is flat. I hatter me i ...more
Jun 09, 2020 10:33AM

Hey TEAM WARNER's out there who haven't read the last book yet, CONSIDER YOURSELF DULY WARNED. Hold on tight to your seats because you'll gonna go insane especially in Chapter 55! :)))

*spoiler alert* ;-)

SADLY. argh she needs to be with adam!!!

I don't know if this is the right place, but did anyone else think that they should try to train Juliette to turn off her powers??? If she could do that I think she'd pick Adam for sure fo show. Idk, there was a couple things for me that were blatantly obvious to me, like having Adam and Kenji go invisible on the way to see Anderson. Sorry, ranting.

ohhh, i really like warner, and can see he really loves juliette (he memorised her diary <3 so sweet) but i really hope she ends up with Adam, it's so sad it breaks my heart coz he gets hurt when he touches her, but he won't give up :(

Nooo she belongs with Adam!! NOO WAAAY!!!

The possibility of Juliet ending with either Adam or Warner is 50-50. It looks like Warner had grown on Juliet, but she still loves Adam a lot. So it is a big mystery who she will end up with. Although I hope with Warner he deserves happy ending!


Kelly (last edited Jun 17, 2013 09:02AM ) Jun 15, 2013 03:25AM   0 votes
YES PLEASE! (Go read "Destroy me" if you haven't!) ;)
Same as Annie, erf I want to know what's going to happen between the two (Warner and Juliette) and what SHE's going to do with her powers and all that. And if Tahereh choose Juliette to be with no one at the end of the series, yeah I don't know what I'm going to do. Pretend it has an other ending? Probably!

I love Warner, but Adam too... And it's so sad for him...Seriously, I think I cried reading that book. I hope it won't be too heartbroken :(


Livi wrote: "Seriously, I have to pu the book down just to rant about how much iHATE Warner! Go Adam! I HATE WARNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Whoever you are, you are the best. I think Warner is okay but i rather Adam!!!!!!!!!!

WOEHOE that's true :) WARNER!!! <3

I think that warner's father can touch her... and James too...

And, with the eyes: Green = Warner Blue = Adam Mix of the two = Juliette. Aha :) Do you think there is more in that or am I just paranoid ?

While I love Warner (he is far more interesting than Adam) I have the feeling Taherah will kill him or make Juliette choose Adam

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Oh. My. God. If she ends up with warner I'll probably throw the book through the window... and then bring it back...(because seriously the books are still incredible!!!) I know that all three books are out now but I've only read the first one, waiting for the others to arrive!! Yay! :D

i actually like warner a lot more than i thought that i would and i hope that she ends up with him. i think that he challenges her in a way that adam doesn't - although learning that they are brothers - that was a twist, so we'll def have to wait and see where things go

I hate that she left it kind of like a cliff hanger....i mean we currently know nothing about what happened :(
I love Warner but I still believe that she should end with Adam
I mean think about it
But for now we shall all have to wait

I really hope she ends up with Warner.

Oh well...too bad because they get married

like adams great...but they cant really touch and warners great and they can...and and and..yea

Juliette hopefully stay with warner. A serious decision for Tahereh.

73.6% chance that Juliette will end up with Warner..... Adam must lift his game to get back in the running.

I actually like Warner and i really hope that She ends up with him. And since i hope Adam doesn't get to hurt i hope he finds someone else or dies :P
But i have a feeling that if one of the two died it would be Aaron :'(

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Please no, not Warner.

Polandbananasbooks is Christine Riccio on YouTube by the way


I really believe that Juliette should be with Aaron bc they are connect somehow and they power together could be help the others and Juliette either bc they together she can't hurt the others close or touch freedom the others. And they talk and they know how one and the other feels. and its better be with someone with like you and support and understand you.

I hope Juliette ends up with Warner! I love him too much!

I think Adam is really cool but I just think I like Warner more. I mean Juliette did end up in bed with Warner more. Plus it's possible that maybe Juliette touching Warner won't kill him like it can Adam. At first I didn't like Warner but now that I see his true feeling for Juliette, I like him better.

I hated the end SO MUCH!
The biggest let down ever. I will give my books away, and probably will never read anything of her ever again.

Kawther i LOVED the last book , in my opinion it was perfect
everything i hoped for

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I agree that she will stay with Warner
I can't wAit till book 3 comes out

I think that it is possible. Watch Christine Riccio's review of Unravel Me. She explains why Juliette should end up with Warner. They make each other better.

U HATE WARNER?????unexepteble she is probably 90% going to end up with warner because if u look at the team warner team adam discussion all of them are "warner!!!!" WARNER!!!!" And like two of them r "Adam4ever" and I think the two Adams were written by the same girl

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