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The Teeth of the Gale (Felix Brooke, #3)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Series, in one book they are in a tower with father, the mother sent a poisoned book and the daughter jumped out the window [s]

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Jaina Rose (ireadtilldawn) | 52 comments Warning! There might be spoilers, I'm not sure because I don't remember.

Okay, there's this series I read a while back that I've been dying to re-read. I don't think they're all about the same people perse, but it's the same author and maybe some minor characters stay the same. I keep thinking it's by the author of The Wolves of Wilgouby (sp?) Chase, because I read them around the same time, but I don't think so. In one (a kind of creepy one, not my favorite) there are three children. Their mother is kind of crazy and hates her husband, I don't remember why. One of the kids is not hers, I think the husband was married before. She doesn't care about the girl, but she has a deep affection for the mother. The other kids are a girl and a boy, and they go to their father in some kind of tower, and their mother sent a book about birds. The kids flip through the book, licking their fingers to turn the page, but it turns out there was poison on the book so the daughter goes crazy and jumps out a window, and the boy dies like the next morning and they bury him.
Ick. I know it's super creepy, I seem to remember the other ones being better. There was also some sort of castle involved, maybe secret passageways. The story is actually about a main character, either a boy or a girl (who might be in several of the books) who is there when events happen. In another book he/she is like at a river or port or something, and a girl invites him/her to the house and they, like eat supper and maybe wind up going on an adventure.

It's some sort of classic, I think, or at least really old. I'd guess it's YA, because I would have been maybe 10 at the time of reading them. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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Andy Love | 2000 comments The Teeth of the Gale by Joan Aiken I think (part of the "Felix Trilogy")

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Jaina Rose (ireadtilldawn) | 52 comments YES! Thank you! That's the series I was looking for.

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