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Did anybody else cry with the deaths in beyonders?

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Aurora the Roman Goddess of the Dawn | 5 comments Don't read unless you've read all of the beyonders books.

Okay, I cried when Drake, Ferrin, and both times when Nedwin died. I was wondering who else did. It was just so sad. (but I still love the book).

Damien | 3 comments Nedwin is the greatest hero I have ever known. More determined than anyone ever could be. I couldn't believe what he did to stay alive and I was so happy! It was sad when he died though. I almost cried. :(

Aurora the Roman Goddess of the Dawn | 5 comments Yeah I agree Nedwin is a great hero. He was so true and faithful. Unlike Nickolas, who I don't like at all. He was just a coward. I didn't like that in the first book Nickolas told Jason and Rachel that all they should try to do is get to Harthem (sp).

♫♥Selena♥♫ (wertyiu102) | 1478 comments I didn't really cry at the deaths, although they really touched me. I did, however, break down at the ending (my oh my) and reflect upon my life for days after.

Aurora the Roman Goddess of the Dawn | 5 comments I know what you mean. I kept thinking about the ending for days, and even now I still sometimes think about it. I think the ending has a lot of morals, some I see and there are probably others that I haven't noticed yet.

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Santiago Diez | 1 comments I tried not to cry it was hard though so sad it ended. I hope he writes nother book telling you about Jason's daughter and who knows!? I hope he considers writing a book about Kendra and Seth (Fableheaven) meeting Jason and Rachel . Answer me plaee

Katie Conn | 14 comments I cried like a baby when Drake died and even harder when Ferrin did. I love Ferrin SO much and the fact that he gave up the comfortable, powerful, seemingly predictable lifestyle for love and friendship killed me. I think the last paragraph of the last chapter was one of the seediest things I've ever read.

Sara Mason | 3 comments Honestly, I doubted Ferrin until the very end. When he was down under Felrook with Tark (sorry if I get the names wrong, I listened to these books) I was waiting for him to turn back. Nedwin's life and death were heartrending and inspiring, but I'm definitely with message 4 - I once I finished the final book I just sat and cried.

Jillian (geekktragedy) | 12 comments (Sara) YES I didn't think they would actually do it :'(
(Cooldiez) YASSSSSSSSSS that would be EPIC if they met

If I ever cried at books I would cry at this. Instead I just locked myself in my room and didn't speak for a day or two :-/

I just joined, so hello :)

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Ian Holmqvist (acdcfan) | 5 comments Yes, Drake...The Drinlings I feel did most of the dying, but I didn't really develop a strong enough bond with them to grieve that much, of course, maybe Brandon Mull made it that way on purpose because of their personalities, of sacrifice.
I mainly cried when I finished the books though. The entire story felt like a character to me.

Sabrina Z. (deadcandancebuticannot) | 3 comments Omigosh! (Hi, I'm new, btw) I seriously LOVE Beyonders and yes I cried for a week after finishing it! I was ecspecially sad about Ferrin (he was my fav.) because nobody knew that the choice of whether or not to save the world was all on him and he chose to do the right tjing even though it killed off his entire race. Omigosh I am tearing up...... (;*△*;) But Drake was super sad too. Ecspecially his last words.....

Jillian (geekktragedy) | 12 comments I don't know if you guys have read his Five Kingdoms series (I would assume yes but also I don't want to spoil so I'll mark any spoilers just in case), but if you've read the 4th book then you'll know the worlds of Beyonders and the Five Kingdoms are sort of interconnected and I fangirled so hard when I read the fourth book!!

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