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What wins out in the end: instinct or reason? How does Rainsford survive?
Beniam Tesfamicael Beniam Jun 09, 2013 07:11PM
In my opinion, I think instinct led to Rainsford winning. He more acted at what came at him, and did not have a lot of time to think, just had to rely on his instincts and just do what came naturally to him. In the threat of death, Rainsford decides to jump off into the sea, not really thinking about what could go wrong, but he trusted his instincts which led to him winning

Instinct. Specifically, self-preservation. Zaroff was going to kill him anyway.

I think if the final fight between Zaroff and Rainsford would be detailed, then we could call his victory a product of reason, of his skills as a hunter.

But since he skipped that part and went directly to Rainsford sleeping in Zaroff's bed, we can see the "animal" part got the better. It is too surprising and sudden, exactly how we take decisions based on our guts.

I think instinct wins. Over time when Zaroff was holding Rainsford, he believed that things were normal until the actions of Zaroff had Rainsford second guessing. He trusted his instinct that Zaroff was not a good person and it turned out to be true because he kills people. When Zaroff was hunting Rainsford, Rainsford trusted his instinct with this attack and out smarted him. In the end Rainsford survived because he went with what kept him safe.

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