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Should the saga have ended with Renesmee or just Bella and Edward happy without Renesmee
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This series ended with Bella getting pregnant and having Renesmee and all of the other events that followed. Should it have ended like that? Or would you all prefer that it ended with just Bella and Edward being together forever happily without Renesmee?

This is also a question about other series (50 shades of grey, hunger games, etc.) that end with the characters having children. Should a series end with kids or not?

should have ended with just Bella and Edward...

The whole story was ruined with the pregnancy. Yes it was basically because of the baby that got the tribe and the Cullens to be at peace and Bella got to keep her mother and father but, that's the point! Bella doesn't have to give anything up-she got her new family, her old family, peace with the wolves and the Volturi and everyone loves her and..she gets a baby!

Everything is working too perfectly. I would have loved to see how it turned out if the baby hadn't come into the picture. I wish there would be some consequences to her actions.

I don't mind in general that characters end up having kids at the end of books.
But I did mind in this series, because I thought the whole gist of the story was that Bella had to choose between a mortal, "normal" life with Jacob, with all that that may entail, kids, family etc, or an eternity with Edward with just the two of them. She loved Edward so much she was willing to give up everything else. She chose Edward but had a kid anyway, so to me it feels like she's having her cake and eating it too. To me, that felt like a total cop-out on the author's part, and it kind of ruined the story for me, which I had been enjoying up till then.

Lucy Roy I think the point of Renesmee was to show that Bella wasn't actually sacrificing anything. But I thought it was kind of out there because, like you sa ...more
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The baby was fine. I really don't care about Bella and Edward in the first place. HOWEVER, I really didn't like Stephanie Meyer resolving the love triangle by having him "imprint" on the baby. I found that plain creepy.

it would be kind of cool to hear more about it ren when she get older, to stay with jake.

I admit, the baby surprised me. But I think Renesmee was a good character to include: As Madeline and Alice said, she ended the never-ending love triangle nicely. The pregnancy was a vehicle to show that marriage isn't always pretty and easy and perfect (Bella going against Edward - who would have thought Bella would EVER choose anyone over Edward). She was also an interesting means of creating an alliance and relationship between Rosalie and Bella and the wolf packs, too. And most importantly, becoming a mother changed Bella. She physically transformed from mortal to immortal, but she also became empowered and driven by something other than her desire for Edward.

I'm happy that Bella & Edward had Renesmee. But mostly because I felt like Renesmee was Edward's proof that he wasn't a soul-less monster. After all his suffering for 100 years, he finally found his happiness. He found redemption.

I Think it NEEDED Renesmee, just so the Jacob Edward feud would end...Well sort of, at least he stopped crushing on Bella.

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I personally like that the series ended with Bella having Renesmee because it solved the whole love triangle and ended with not only Edward and Bella being happy but with Jacob having a happy ending to. If Bella and Edward had just gone along with their life happily it would have left Jacob alone with Bella gone and nowhere to gland nothing to do besides being alone. I think that Renesmee was a way to be sure that Jacob wasn't just a lose end, I think she tied it up nicely.

I don't care about the kid, it should've ended with a large fight and some serious deaths. The last book was the worst in my opinion.

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Jennifer wrote: "This series ended with Bella getting pregnant and having Renesmee and all of the other events that followed. Should it have ended like that? Or would you all prefer that it ended with just Bella an..."

I think it should have ended with Edward and Bella working out their happily ever after without Renesmee, and I think it could have been a fine story, too. But then, I'm one of those people who think that SM broke her rules when she introduced a baby into the story.

After all, SM wrote that her vampires had stopped changing and growing. And she meant everything in them stopped growing, even down to their hair and fingernails. So that means no sperm to make babies with. No vampire mojo that makes babies. So to push a baby into the story breaks her own rule and the rest of the story makes no sense from that point on. So from that point of view, the story shouldn't have ended up with Renesmee.

I was happy that they had a child. I think, in addition to giving Jacob someone who he is clearly meant for, Renesmee also gave Edward something that he had always desired: a real family in the form of wife and child. I think Renesmee's existence was a large part of the more positive outlook Edward had by the end of the book.

Jennifer wrote: "This series ended with Bella getting pregnant and having Renesmee and all of the other events that followed. Should it have ended like that? Or would you all prefer that it ended with just Bella an..."

I think stephanie wanted Bella to have everything in her life including a child so she would be complete. Anyway i wont say it could ended differently cause that s howw the books are....

i think it was great that Bella and Edward had Renee-Esme because it added to a more surprising ending.

I think it should have ended with Edward & Bella happy together but also show Renesmee & Jacob because I personally wanted to know more of the story of what was going to haven with them because like all stories, they live happily ever after. And I already knew that no matter what, Bella & Edward were going to be together but I was dieing to know how Renesmee & Jacob were going to end up.

It was a good book

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