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Cece (cece18) | 15 comments this is asked on behalf of someone else....and I quote:
"It was a collection of short stories. One of the stories (I think it was the 1st one in the book) was about heaven and hell and angels. A man was sitting on a bench and another man sat down. The first man asked him if he wanted to hear a story. He told him how hell came to be, why there is pain and suffering and how this all came from heaven. I think it was this man's punishment or fate to live forever wandering the earth telling this story, I think he was a fallen angel."
Can anyone remember this short story or collection?

Evan | 27 comments This isn't precisely an uncommon theme, but a good example from a great author is the story Murder Mysteries, which is both published as a graphic novel and in the collection of short stories Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman. It's not the first story in it (that's a lovely piece about an old lady unknowingly finding The Holy Grail at a second-hand shop), but is probably one of the best. This is early Gaiman prose, and as such not his best, but worth a read for any fans. It paid significantly more homage to Lovecraft than any self-respecting author should in my book, though.

Holly | 60 comments Yep, definitely Murder Mysteries by Gaiman. There is also a FANTASIC audio version if you can find it. I think it's pretty hard to track down though.


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Cece (cece18) | 15 comments thank you-I'll pass it on.

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Cece (cece18) | 15 comments That is the title and author-this search is solved!
Thanks again. What a great resource.

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