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Kristi If you dont like the series DONT read it! If you dont like the authors DONT read their books. If you dont like the story, again DONT read it! If you dont like the charaters, AGAIN DONT read it! How many haters out there have written international best sellers???? Oh thats right none of you! LOL ----- If you dont like something BEFORE its even out then guess what DONT BUY IT!!!!!! ;) Just the thoughts of a Cast, and House of Night Fan!!!!!

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Jamie Well said Kristi! LOL! I can't believe people would post so much negativity before a book is even released. Sad really that they have nothing better to do than to hate on a book they haven't even read yet, lol.

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Ari like seriously, wake up and smell the roses. what are you doing with your life to become as rich and famous as PC Cast.

Janell Johnson whoever doesn't read this series can seriously f~off... is great series, great authors, great everything now if only thy can make movie somwht good I'll be happy cant wait to read last 2 books in series

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