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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Thanks for making this! :D

Hmm, I don't have anything too specific yet :/
But, I do have a thing where I prefer the characters to already somehow know each other you know? For some reason, it just helps the roleplay flow better for me, but I'm not totally against the main couple not knowing each other if there's a plot you want to do! c:
So yeah.. do you have any dislikes or preferences?

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Sorry I left! D: I completely passed out~~

Okay, sounds good c:
Hmm, I just ask that it's not incest and kidnapping and shtuff

Any hoodles,
What if we did some kind of affair? It could be from a married couple or just a boyfriend and girlfriend or even fiances. The main guy or girl could be the cheater with the other main guy or girl? O.O sorry, I'm kind of being broad. Maybe guy/girl cheats on their significant other with an old high school sweet heart or a best friend?

Or we could do a celebrity thing? It could be celebrity x celebrity or non-celebrity x celebrity

Or an arranged marriage would be fun~ Like the main characters already know each other, but they aren't the biggest fans of each other...at all. The parents could want to combine their businesses together by marrying off their children. And to make them get close, the parents send the couple off to a resort for like two weeks. They could fall for each other there, but maybe there could be complications with the arranged marriage and it gets called off or something. Sorry, I'm all over the place D:

Royal x peasant can be fun too c:

Anything that strikes your interest? If not, that's totally fine by me! Just let me know and if you have your own ideas, I'd love to hear them. Or ya know, if you have ideas for these ideas...yeah c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Awesome c: Do you mind if we do the arranged marriage one? c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments WAIT WHAT IF WE DID A MIXTURE OF THE TWO??
Like, what if the celebrities were forced to either date or marry? Just an idea though! feel free to say no

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments That makes perfect sense c: I like it. It'll be like they're heirs to the family fortune.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Yes please! C:

So then, charries?
And I was thinking the couple could be in their, hmm, early twenties?
Then we could start with them on the plane ride over to the resort?

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Awesome! :D I shall get to work on my charrie c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Nah, he's perfff C: I love him haha
I'm almost done with mine then we shall start :D
I'm so freakin' excited for this~

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Name: Eleanor Rose Gransons
Nickname(s): Eli, El (Strangers wouldn't be caught dead calling her this)
Age: 21

emerald green eyes

Personality: Eleanor is basically what you'd expect an heir to the family fortune would be. Her head is held up with her nose stuck in the air. Most might call her a spoiled brat and for the most part, they're right. She has absolutely everything she could ever ask for and yet, she's sure she wants more. It'll never be enough for her, but who could blame her considering where she grew up? Old money, she's nothing but old money and she'll never settle for anything less than average now. Heck, she wont even settle for average.
Others will tell you Eleanor has quite a mouth on her. Coming out and tell you about how she feels isn't a weak point for her. In fact, she'll yell and scream until she's heard. Anything that includes whining is her game. Most people will always see this quirk of hers as a bad thing, but if given the chance, it can be of good use. Eleanor is a stubborn girl and with a loud mouth, there is determination where she refuses to give up on what she thinks. This helps her in the long run when she takes over her family fortune. Then again, her views she's stuck on can bring her into a very close minded world which makes her more naive than she thinks she is.
Although she is this brat who can't stop mouthing off to others, that's only skin deep. Whether someone takes the time to believe it or not, her innocence is there. Heck, she believes nothing can hurt her and she would be wrong on so many levels. There's always a happy ending in her book, but she's yet to experience the reality of life. If you look deep, deep down, she has sweeter side. It's just a bit of a dig or a rare moment. She's not cold hearted like most expect.

History: Eleanor is an only child with a working father whom he considers to be, 'daddy's little girl.' He's willing to give her anything she wants for one price, time. He'll really be home and when he is, he's calling and sending emails for his company he's CEO of. There was a time when things were better and he was around more, but the moment the company really started to sore, things changed and suddenly time with her father disappeared as did their close relationship.
Her mother, well, she wasn't that much of a mother. Vise versa to her father, she's a woman who doesn't have a care in the world. A woman who's out every single day playing perfect housewife with her other mansion friends. Taking care of Eleanor? Yeah, that's funny. Most of the time it was the nanny's job and even then, Eleanor's nannies couldn't always handle her. That was until one did. There was one that Eleanor could call a mother if need be, but there was still this awkward line of poor and rich that separated them from becoming closer.

Phillip Gransons (Father)
Marlyn Gransons (Mother)
Nanny Rosie Canter
Eleanor's spare time includes shopping and strolling through the gardens in her backyards. She used to take up painting, but usually got a laugh out of her mother so she gave up on it.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments fdkfjlkd hold on, I'm getting her appearance and I'll fix it up c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Okay! done!
sorry if she's not too detailed D:
I'll ya know, let her blossom in this rp haha c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Thanks!!! :D

And yes ma'am! We can do an overview of things that happened and stuff!

Oh! Could we do first person? If not that's fine with me
And did you want to start or should I?

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Haha, don't feel bad. It's preference c:
Third person is fine by me and I will start after I finish up my dinner!
And I can't see the spoiler cause I'm on my phone, but I will look after c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments I am working on my post! :D I saw your thing! Yay for Dan and Phil
Phangirl forever C:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor had her arms crossed just below her chest as the pilot spoke over the speaker. They would be landing soon enough. This was stupid. This was ridiculous. This was not happening. About a week ago she thought she'd finally get a little time with her father over dinner, but she soon realized it wasn't anything like that. How could she have been so stupid to even think her father would want to spend a little time with her? No, it was the absolute worse thing ever. She was getting freaking married. Something about how daddy's company needed to merge to get the next billion dollars to roll on in. She was silently huffing to herself as her eyes swerved over to her...fiance. Did her father think it would be this easy when he sent her off with this...this other heir to a resort? What the hell was he expecting? Get along, he says. Just go with it, he says. You might like him, he says. It was a load of crap and she wanted off the plane now. She wanted out now.
"I don't want to be here," she repeated yet again for the one hundreth time on the plane. It wasn't his fault, she knew, but he was still part of it. If he hadn't existed, well, she would be free right now and not stuck on some stupid plane off to some stupid resort that she had probably already gone to for the millionth time. Her legs crossed frustratedly with her little white sundress dressed over her mid thigh. It took a good three body guards to even get her on the plane. Well, it wasn't like she was going without a fight right? She never did. "I'm not marrying you. I'm not getting married period," she told him with a huff, her eyes on the chair in front of her.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor scoffed lightly at his words. "You'd be lucky to marry me," she assured him. Yeah, she was certainly using every single bit of her personality that said brat for the moment, but she was more than angry. She was in a horrible mood. She was infuriated with everyone who put her to this. Her head pounced backwards as huffed out dramatically once again. It wasn't like she was trying to impress this guy. She could see him at her very worst if that was even possible and she wouldn't care whatsoever.

Her fingers trickled over to grab the brochure in the seat pocket in front of her. They were headed to some kind of island that only the very rich could afford to go to. It costed thousands. The water was transparent and beautiful, yes, but that didn't make up for why she was there. What did her father and his mother think they were going to do? Fall madly in love? Yeah, that kind of thing didn't happen. It wouldn't happen. If she knew her father, they'd be sharing a room and she was sure he'd gone and told the hotel that they're pay extra or something if they stopped Eleanor from trying to get another room or trying to leave the island at all.

Her eyes grazed over the window where she saw the island. The beauty of it wasn't going to help her calm down. "I'm not going to last two whole weeks, I refuse," she spoke out aimlessly. "Also, I'm letting you know now that if you as so much as touch me, I'm not above slapping no matter how bad it ruins my manicure," she informed him as if he was already thinking about it and she was just that great. It felt like hours in the next few seconds as the plane started down to roll onto the long pave way to land.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor felt her mouth drop open at his comment. Her elegant butt he wasn't thinking about touching her. Who didn't wither in her presence? Okay, well, her less confident side told her otherwise, but she was sticking with confidence for now. Her lips pressed into a thin line as she glared up at him and before she knew it, she was up on her feet and pushing past him with a loud, humph!

"I want to get away from you as soon as possible," she snapped and then realized she forgot her bag. Her hands were in fists now just to prove her frustration to him even if he'd probably already gotten the message. At this point, she just needed a good nights rest for her to calm down and stop with this fit of hers. Her arm extended to swoop down to grab her bag before she humphed again and pushed pass him towards the isle. To her defeat, she found herself stumbling over the tight space of floor and her body starting to crash to the floor.

Yeah, like she would even let that dress of hers touch public dirt even if it was high class. Without hesitation, she grabbed onto him and nearly knocked him back into his seat again. Heads were turning at this strange sight of her stumbling and angry fit. And as if it couldn't get worse, the pilot came back on with his speaker to announce, "Oh, and don't forget to congratulate the newly engaged couple in seat five and six!" These words only lead to more stares towards their seats, five and six, and then growing crimson red face of Eleanor.
"I'm never going to forgive, father," she gritted and finally stomped off in the most elegant manner she could conjure up towards the plane's exit.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor was peeved to say the least. Everything was coming down and she just knew she was making a bigger storm of the whole thing than anyone else. But hey, that's what she did best right? What about the August guy though? Wasn't he going to protest about this entire thing too? It didn't really matter at this point because she was thoroughly pushed to the edge. Her hand gripped her bag with her pale fingers as hard as she could with what little physical strength she had.

To most, wearing the highest of wedge heels to the air port wasn't that great of an idea, but they didn't know Eleanor. She was the heir of family fortune and she wasn't about to look anything like the average high class folk. Most of the airport was outside and open so the breeze of the island swarmed through her hair at just the right amount and it felt nice to cool her heated cheeks. Glancing backwards, she saw August following behind with his carry-on. "You know, aren't you just a little bit upset about all of this? Don't you speak your mind at all?" she bluntly asked as she stopped with her hands on her hips to wait for him. It was what little niceness she wasn't opposed to at the moment.

Their time meeting each other was cut pretty short before the whole resort thing happened. This meant she hardly had the chance to get a good look at her...soon to be husband. She shuddered at the thought again. She couldn't picture herself married. At least, not now. Her eyes subtly scanned his features. It wasn't like he was bad looking or anything except for maybe, that frown he seemed to always be wearing, but he wasn't bad and if she truly admitted it to herself, he was handsome. Their height difference was what she would have imagined had he been someone she actually liked, but still. It didn't change anything. "Well?" she pressed on as if to cover her time spent looking over him.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor wasn't sure how to take his tone. It was like she was supposed to have known he was so unhappy, but he was so quiet and well, frankly, Eleanor was not. Of course, that sour expression he was constantly wearing could have given her a good clue. "Well you certainly don't express-" she started, but then he was blatantly taking a small stab at her complaining.

Then came a huff. A dramatic huff that came with a body turn towards their ride to the resor that wasn't waiting too far off. The perks of their money also included having everything sent to their hotel without having to go pick it up themselves. "Actually, it changes things for me and maybe if you started too, we wouldn't be going through all of this," she threw back at him while she kept walking ahead. It was almost amazing that she could go so fast in her wedges. Then again, she had many years of experience with heels. Her arm that held the bag extended out quickly to their driver for him to take it before she slid into the car and crossed her arms.

(I was thinking that we could skip to when they arrive at their hotel room? c: )

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (Sure thanks! C:

And I'm not sure yet D: I had been thinking about them having a few heart to heart scene
Maybe put them in a somewhat stranded or dangerous situation? )

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments c:

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (Awee no! It's cool. I wouldn't yell at ya c: I love your writing too much for that haha. Awesome, I can't wait :D )

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (Oh, no worries at all! I like the idea of the dinner and I would have made them go into an extremely nice suite anyways xD )

Eleanor had surprisingly kept her mouth shut the rest of the way to their hotel suite. It simply bothered her that August wasn't remotely showing his emotions through all of this. Then again, some people just weren't emotional. That would be a problem with this little marriage she was trying to come to terms with. Nope, not yet. She still had a belief in the back of her mind that things would change. Clicking her wedges against the expensive hallway, she stepped through their door. Her eyes scanned over the room. It wasn't anything she hadn't seen or lived in before. But then, then she paused at the bed. Bed. Meaning one bed. Yeah, August was going to be on the couch he was lying on for the rest trip, she decided.
Pressing her lips together, she slung her hands onto her hips. "Well, I hope you're comfortable because that's where you'll sleeping," she informed him before shifting around the room. Two weeks. It wasn't like they had to spend all of their time together right? Besides, he was doing a pretty good job ignoring her now. She made her way over to the night stand where she found a schedule. Really? A freaking schedule of everything they were supposed to be doing. Letting out a small groan of frustration, she fell back onto the bed. "This is ridiculous. Do we really have to go to dinner? I mean, it's not like our parents will know."

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor blatantly ignored the almost death glare he passed on to her. Well, at least he had some emotions. That was a sign of something right? Rolling over on the bed that was actually really comfortable, she groaned again at his words. He was completely right whether she would have liked to admit or not. Their parents, well, her father for sure would have sent people to look after them. They'd be watching their every move outside of the hotel and well, if they didn't show, then she was going to be in more trouble than she already was when refusing the marriage. She shuttered lightly at the thought. What if her father took her money away. Oh god, what would she do then? That money was all she had right now.
Jumping up from her bed, she crossed her arms. "Well, I'm just, I just," she stammered for the right words to describe her frustration. Of course, there were a few key words other might be up to using, but that would be quite vulgar and not lady like whatsoever. "I'm taking a shower," she finally announced. She needed anything to get away from him. "So you'd better stay right there," she warned in a very serious tone before slipping her wedges off and heading over to the bathroom where she practically slammed the door.

Is it okay if I skip to dinner after your next post? Then we can start getting them to do things where they can't ignore each other completely )

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (No worries and I'm trying to think of somethingg... When in doubt, I would have turned to my cute romantic gifs, but we're not there yet pooooh. Okay haha. Maybe there is dancing they have to participate in at the dinner place? Ah, I can think of something better than that. There should be like a moment when they try and escape from the all the hecticness and maybe go out the back door and to the ocean together? I dunno, it could be some kind of heart to heart scene c: )

Eleanor was barely able to make it out of the elevator without complaining about this dinner she was in now. It all started spilling out until they'd entered the dining room. Everything was connected with this resort hotel because first, it was small and second, it was damn expensive. Even though she hated every bit of the idea of this dinner, it didn't mean she was about to forget about how she looked. So, her pulled up hair and light colored dress that fitted tightly down to her waist then flowed out to her mid thigh was no exception. If there was anything her father could be proud of, it was that she kept the appearance of the family very expensive.
But her mind was still farthest from her clothes because she was sitting across her future husband that she did not want to marry. Well, she would try to be somewhat civil in public for once. Her eyes kept glancing over the room as her fingers slid over the menu. There were windowed walls with beautiful views of the sunset over the crisp ocean water. It almost looked inviting right now. Almost.
"Which one of these people do you think is watching us?" she asked in the middle of the silence. It would be out of the norm for someone to not be watching them right now. Her father was known for pulling in actors to pretend to be any other civilian wherever she was at. And now that he was forcing her to marry this guy, she was sure there would be plenty of the little actors watching over them.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor wasn't sure why she just wasn't completely ignoring him or complaining again. It was very unlike her, but right now, she was exhausted. From the struggling on the plane to her nonstop complaining. It wasn't worth it anymore for her. Her fingers wrapped gently around the cold glass over ice water in front of her. Taking a sip, she looked back to some of the waiters at his suggestion. They weren't going for too much subtlety at all. Honestly, she wouldn't be that surprised if their parents rented out the entire place and got everyone to look over them. This was the most infuriating thing in her life.
The more she glanced over the area, the more stares she felt on their table. That made her take a bigger gulp of water. "I'd say everyone within a 20 foot radius of us," she answered with an almost smile. If she tried to look the brighter side or rather the funny side of this was that her August were in the same boat. There were people who were actually getting paid to watch them and act like they weren't. They weren't children for goodness sakes. "And what do you think would happen if I walked off?" she asked only out of curiosity. This time, there was a small curve at her lips.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor would agree with him on that. Nothing good would come out of escaping from this little confined area. Honestly, what was both their parents expecting to happen if they locked up like this? It's not like they were ever going to really get to know each other so forcefully or fall in love for that matter. And falling in love with this guy wasn't anywhere near Eleanor's plan for this trip. If anything, she was going to try her hardest to convince someone they weren't fit even if it meant the downfall of the companies. If they were together, she would have to convince them that the company's would fail more so than if they weren't together.

Pausing though, she noticed the breath like chuckle. Maybe she was reading too much into it, but she wondered if he ever actually had fun. Did he ever laugh and go off in a tantrum. Of course, she did this too many times lately. "Hmm," she pondered softly at his words. Her nails rolled against the table in soft motions. "I think one of us would have to sneak off for us to really know," she hinted subtly before the before dinner salads arrived. Politely, she thanked the waiter. Being suddenly polite by thanking someone was never a good sign when it came to Eleanor. Especially since she was being held up here against her will. That polite small drifted off the moment the watchful waiter went to cater other guests. "All I really need is a scene," she mumbled into thin air. She'd done this countless times. Getting away from company dinners and events were her specialty. Sure, you get caught a few times, but that's to throw them off. She wasn't about to get caught.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor was surprised to say the least. Mr follow the rules was going to actually go along with a plan of hers? Well, he seemed like the type who didn't like to disrupt things all too much. He definitely seemed like the type to please his mother from the previous meetings they had had together. She had to stare at him for a moment as the waiter walked off. How much he would go along with this idea, she wasn't all that sure but something was better than nothing. A small grin couldn't be hidden as she took a bite of her salad. She made it just wide enough for the watchers to see. They might as well think things were going great between them.
"A scene," she repeated softly as she kept up the soft smile. "But first, you really have to work on smiling," she pointed out as she leaned in a little. "They need to think everything is going great," she informed him before crossing her legs and pulling back a loose string of hair behind her ear. "I'm not sure yet, anything scene that will keep them from directing their attention towards us," she explained subtly before sipping her water again. That's when it happened. Her opportunity existed out of no where when a small speaker came over the dinner tables.
"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're enjoying your dinner," the hostess spoke in an articulate way. "I'd like to inform you all that our live band will be starting now and that it's tradition for dates to get up dance to the first couple of songs," he explained before stating, "that will be all." Eleanor, if she hadn't been planning an escape would have groaned out because well, there probably wasn't a tradition. It was all her stupid father's plan. Of course, she was only making a well educated guess. "And that would be the scene," she murmured as the slow jazz band started to play in soft rhythms. "Come on," she told him as if it was obvious while the other dates started getting up. Most were honeymooners. Slowly, she made her way up onto her feet.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments In all honesty, Eleanor wasn't too sure if this little plan was going to work, but it was better than nothing right? The music was steadily geting louder and louder the closer they came to the stage. She tried to act as casually as possible. Not one of her father's little watchers knew a thing about her since she didn't recognize a single face. They had no idea how not so easily she came to terms with things like this. Now, her normal watchers would have been so easily on edge the moment she started smiling with August. Though, she had to admit, it was a little hilarious to see him smile. It looked way too foreign on his lips. Then again, she was sure that if it came more naturally to him, he would look quite...nice. Okay, that was so not the point right now though.

The moment he rejected the idea of dancing, she rolled her eyes. Yeah? Then he wasn't about to like what she was going to make him do. Abruptly, she stopped a few feet from the stage with the rest of the couples. She shuddered at the thought. She wasn't some couple with August and never would be. Again, not the point right now. "Smile and act like everything's perfect," she told him in a very serious voice through her own. She stepped closer to him and looked up to him. "I want out and this is what it's going to take," she explained before inhaling deeply then gently grabbing his hands and placing them on her waist. "Just, I don't know, sway. Something," she whispered. "If you do this, not only will I get you out, but I wont complain for the rest of the night," she compromised.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments As much as Eleanor didn't want to be in this situation with him, she was finding it laughable. The way he had to force himself to smile even more so the moment they got onto the dance floor. Maybe it was the fact that she was going to get out of there soon, but she found herself having a little bit of fun with all of this. Then again, that's what she usually did. She got bored often, so, she found something to entertain herself most of the time. Not that she would admit it to August, she actually had a thing for dancing. As a little girl, her father would take her out to father daughter dances and she would have the time of her life. Then, there were the somewhat embarrassing moments of her dancing slowly alone in her room while she imagined a partner with her. It wasn't like August could fill that desire of hers because well, he obviously hated this. And she did too, of course. She hated being forced into things.

A soft roll of the eyes came in as he whispered his first words. Yeah, she'd do her best, but her best wasn't all that good enough sometimes. She'd see how the night went before deciding to complain. "Yeah, yeah," she told him as she glanced around the room. She could tell who the watchers really were now. A couple of couples dancing and a few staff members. They'd all just mumbled something into their shirt ever so subtly. A few more sways and a good picture for the watchers. There was one thing Eleanor just knew would get them to stop. Through slightly gritted teeth and a fake light smile, she leaned in and rested her head onto August's chest. "You say nothing about this," she mumbled out as if it were a threat. It was the only way to really get the watchers satisfied for the night. Moments later and a few more glances, Eleanor's watchers were all carrying on. Some distracted by the luxuries and others by actual work. "Okay," she muttered slowly stepped back from his chest. "Just follow my lead," she informed him before swaying towards the outer part of the dance crowd. The moment the cool air of the less crowded area hit her, she grabbed his hand. "Don't look back and just keep walking no matter what," she explained as she started shuffling in a quick motions towards an exit.

The second she found the windowed door, she gripped the knob and rushed the hell out of there. The shore air hit her neck wonderfully like a sensation she couldn't explain. "Come on, we're going to the beach," she informed him with a very determined look before starting down the path towards the dampened sands near the crisp water.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor hadn't really noticed her attachment to his hand as she dragged him along to the beach. She was honestly just happy to be outside. Some people, okay most people wouldn't be convinced that Eleanor was an outside person. People seemed to think she was allergic to dirt or something when that was not entirely the case. Don't get her wrong. The moment a spider or worm steps into her path, she'll be screaming at the top of her lungs until she runs out of breath. The cool breeze was absolutely lovely and only reminded her of the times she was able to escape from events much like this. Alone time was her luxury. At that thought, she glanced over to August. Being alone now, well, it just felt kind of sad. Maybe it was a little fun to have a partner in crime. Maybe. She wasn't admitting to anything.

At his words, her hand slipped from his so she could slip off her own shoes. A small, almost surprising, laugh escaped her lips. "I've done better," she told him with a slight tone that made it seem like it was obvious. She paused though and thought for a moment. He didn't want to be here just as much as her. "But thanks," she mumbled out. This plan probably had a couple of holes for sure. They'd come running around the island to find them, but for the moment, she didn't have a care in the world. She was outside, near the ocean with a moon now reflecting over it. Her toes curled against the fine sand as her feet twirled her body. She was already on the move with slow movements towards the water. Her fingers came through her tied up hair to let it fall onto her shoulders. "You really don't do these kinds of things do you?" she offered for conversation as she turned her head towards him. "I mean, you're acting was really terrible," she pointed out almost to cover up the sincerity to her tone before hand.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (Don't worry about it c: Thanks for the warning! Have fun with your debate tournament! D: I'm horrible with debating )

Eleanor tip toed her feet into the water as the shore came up and sunk her feet back into the sand. The night was nice. Not too hot and not too cold. It just felt right against her skin. When she was out by the ocean or outside in general with less civilization around her, she felt almost at home. There was nothing to complain about because when it came down to it, she couldn't change nature and she wouldn't want to. These were the rare moments of peace for her. At his answer, she figured as much. He really was the type of person to accept all of this. Or at least, the type to go along with everything.

A small laughter erupted from her as she looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah, not really. You're really not good at smiling," she responded before turning back to the darkening waters. Her feet came up to kick away some water. "Yep," she answered with no real explanation to it. She started to kneel down as she picked up her dress to keep from getting wet. A slender hand swooshed over the chilled water. "Are we really getting married?" she suddenly asked in an actually sincere, worried tone.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor didn't mean to bring down the moment of their little escape from the reality of this all, but it bothered her to no end. She didn't want to get married now. She didn't want to get married to him. She didn't want to get married for the sake of the companies. There was a sudden sadness that was rushing through and she didn't like, not one bit.Eleanor did not get sad about things, she fixed or rather complained about things until they changed for her. Letting a small breath escape her into a reluctant sigh, she jerked up onto her feet at his words.

"Don't you ever try and get out of things you don't want to do?" she questioned with quite a serious determined tone. Her pale toes trudged lightly through the sand as she made her way to him. She didn't know what she was doing, but she wasn't ready to give up on getting out of this marriage, not for a second. Her hands reached out to grasp his and suddenly her eyes were filled with day dreaming and determination. "Don't you want to escape from all of this? Aren't you sick of having to be everything you have to be for your family," she paused and continued with a mock tone, "for their company's reputation ?" There were times when she would repeat this little speech over and over in her own head for herself like she was going to do something about it. "I mean, honestly, what are we doing everything for if we took out the family part?" she asked then thought for a moment, if you could call what I have a family. Her hands squeezed his a little tighter as she brought them up in the air, her eyes looking for his answer. It was only then did she notice the height difference because she was looking straight up to him.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments The glimpse of hope and dreaming in Eleanor's eyes were being crushed and smashed from the moment August started speaking. It wasn't just his confliction with her being able to do anything, but the fact that he didn't want to try anymore. He was going to because he honestly believed there was nothing to be done about everything. Her brows were brought together like his concept was completely invalid. He obviously didn't get it. He didn't get why she kept trying when she already knew about the possibility of failing.

"Yes, yes you can," she told him simply before looking up to him with more determination. Maybe it was the stubbornness in her, but she wasn't ready to stop trying to convince him that they could stop all of this. "August," she started and inhaled deeply before continuing, "I'm not an idiot. If you think I don't know that I might fail, then you're an idiot, but to be frank, I don't give a damn that. I'm not about to let my father's company control me. I'm not about to get married to someone I barely know and don't even have feelings for or any attraction! I mean, didn't you just sneak off and break away from the control just now? Didn't you feel amazing? Wasn't there this thrill?! Come on, I know you don't like me, but I can't do any of this on my own. It has to be the both of us," she ran through to him. A glimmer of hope was shining back into her eyes. It was a moment where she was just letting all out. Of course, this might have been because for once in her entire life, someone else was in the same situation as her. She wasn't alone. "Come on, what's wrong with trying at least? If we fail, shove it in my face or whatever, I don't really care, but we have to try."

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments oh don't worry about it! c: I'm just happy you let me know! I really love this rp so that's why I've been bugging you sorry! Dx
and okayyy~~ c: yay.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (haha no worries! yayayayayyayay!!! :D )

For a moment, as August looked down at her, Eleanor was sure he would say no or continue to tell her it wouldn't work. Didn't he have any dreams to get out of this rut of being run by their parents? He was the one that was wrong, in her opinion. He didn't even want to keep trying even if there was a slim hope of them getting out of this marriage. There was still hope and that was all that mattered. The second he answered, her brows shot up and a huge smile broke out onto her lips.\

"Really?!" she exclaimed more excitedly than she would have ever thought. In fact, she was surprised by all of her actions. Well, not the sneaking away part, but more that she opened up just a crack to him. She hadn't even noticed the way he had reluctantly answered because a plan was already running through her mind. This would work and he would be kissing her heeled feet for doing this for them. Her hands squeezed his and she raised their arms up together as more excitement ran through her. Being able to get out of things was her forte and it had always gave her something entertaining to do. It also let her father know that he didn't have complete control over her life. "August, I could kiss you right now!" she blurted out without thought. The second she realized what she had said though, she jerked her hands off of his and her face went redder than she would have liked to admit. "Anyway," she coughed out while trying to ignore her in the moment words. Her fingers came up to brush away some of her hair and then she began tying it back up to concentrate. "All we have to do is show our parents that, us be together will only ruin the company," she pondered thoughtfully.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor decided to ignore his almost snide comment at her plea of excitement. He obviously didn't do well with human affection. It was also obvious he wasn't as excited about all this as she was. Well, most people didn't get as excited as she did anyway, but August seemed like the type to never get excited about anything. In fact, he seemed to look on the negative side rather than the positive. She began to wonder what actually made him happy. Did that frown of his ever curve into a real, true smile? Eh, it didn't matter at this point because he was on board with her plan even if she didn't know what it was quite yet.

At his chuckle and comment, her eyes threw a glare his way and her arms crossed over her chest. "Hey, I never said that that wouldn't work with my plan," she informed him. "And yeah, I kind of figured you didn't have a clue," she ended up muttered almost to herself, but it was loud enough for him to hear. Her toes dug into the sand and she twirled back to walk towards the water. "We're the one who are going to be taking over one day right?" she started thinking aloud before continuing, "That means that all we have to do is show our parents that us being together will only destroy our companies. I mean, all we have to do is show them that it'll ruin the reputation and all that stupid stuff my father actually cares about." At those words, her chest clenched in the slightest. Yeah, reputation. That was the only thing her father did care about. Her smile drifted for a second into a melancholy frown before quickly forcing a half smile on her lips. "What if..." she began and shoved her saddening thoughts away. "What if we were so in love that it did the opposite effect?" she suddenly concluded and turned back to face August.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor was ready to just huff and walk off because he was always focusing on the negative. Though, maybe, in some parts, that was a good thing because it helped her clarify her plans a little more. The more he pointed out any of the flaws, the more she perfected this plan and then there was better chance of them getting out of this marriage. The second he started asking questions though, she didn't see the bright side of it and she scrunched her nose slightly before glaring his way once again. Her hands slid from the cross on her chest and onto her hips as she inhaled deeply.

"You're totally not seeing it my way," she commented then started to pace lightly along the sand. She usually found the need to move when she felt like she was on a roll with something. Then she stopped and looked him directly in the eyes while gesturing to the both of them. "What if we were so in love that it destroyed everything they were hoping to get out of this? Maybe us getting married wouldn't be what they expected it to be. I'm not saying we pretend to get excited about this whole marriage thing. No, we need to show our parents we want way more than that. We need to show them we want some other dream of being together that didn't in volve their companies. I don't know, I'm still cloudy on the details, but I really think this could work, August," she explained to him in slow motions then her eyes brightened with dreams and hopes for the future. There was a down side to all of this for Eleanor though. Pretending to be in love with someone like him, it seemed impossible. He was nothing like her! "So, are you with me? Because, we need to make this " she paused and shuttered slightly, "look real and then we're free. We wont be stuffed into marriage."

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Eleanor couldn't help but glare again as he put his hands up in mock defense. He really didn't have to do that. So what if she got upset about him not agreeing with her? Her future, their future, was at stake her and she didn't want to spend the rest of her life stuck with him. And him the same. The glaring stopped though because seconds later that seemed to take forever, he agreed to her unfinished plan. Her eyes were now filled with more determination than before. This meant he was on board and this whole thing could work. They'd be free from marrying each other and ripping out on another's throats. Rolling her eyes at his last words, she couldn't help but smiled too widely. It didn't matter if he had skepticism because he was stuck in this boat with her. Suddenly her feet were moving on their own and she bounced up and down without a single thought and then she came right in front of him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "This will work," she told him with every bit of hope in her voice. "This will all work out and then wer don't have to get married and everything will go back to the way they should be and-" she paused in the midst of her sentence because a loud rumble of voice floated into her ears. She widened and jerked away to see a few large looking men like the ones her father would send, coming after them. "Oh god, come on! They shouldn't have found us already!" she complained. She bit her lip in sudden thought and looked up to him. Inhaling deeply, she gave him a serious look.
"I need you not to freak out okay? I need you to do something and this only cause I'm taking your word for going along with the plan," she told him in quick motions, already feeling color drain from her face as she stepped forward to grab his hand. "Kiss me."

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (okay! xD yeah, it was a bit spontaneous, sorry! I was like, oh god, what if she didn't want me to do that?? fhkdsjfklsdajf. I just. okay. feelings. I shall be waiting~ C: )

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments (oh good! c: pffft. I was laughing too because well, it's these two cx The internal conflict amuses me :D )

By far, Eleanor knew August was no where close to a touchy feeling kind of guy. He was everything opposite of it. Eleanor hadn't been too much of a hugger, but when things really started to go her way, she couldn't help it. It was a spur of the moment and she had felt as light as a feather. Of course, this being August, feeling light around him was no where close to a good thing. If anything, she should be keeping as far away from him as possible. He was absolutely nothing like what she would go for. He was cold and dry and dreamless. This was the very reason why marrying him wasn't a good thing. That and it was a total limit to her freedom from her father. Although, maybe if August hadn't been so tense, the hug might have been nice? Okay, enough about hugs. It shouldn't have been on the top of her comprehending list because she'd just told August to kiss her. It was the only way though. If the guards wanted something to report back to her father, this was the perfect opportunity for him to see things were going great...for now.

Almost a second after August agreed with a reluctant fine, Eleanor was regretting this. She never regretted things. She wasn't sure what it was. She'd kissed guys before. She wasn't some naive, innocent daughter of the company. It was just this whole situation was suddenly stressful. Don't freaking choke Eleanor, an inner voice told her before her eyes widened and foot took one step back. The moment his lips touched hers, she forced her eyes closed just above her apple colored cheeks. Her fingers wiggled lightly at her sides as she realized she'd have to make this scene realistic. Although, August felt as if he knew what he was doing even if she could feel his inner hatred for all of this. Her lips lingered against his and her arms came around his neck while she heard the patter of the guard's feet stop. They'd see it then leave them be right? Why in gods name was her heart pounding. It was just nerves from the guards watching them, she told herself.

After a good couple of minutes, she peaked her eyes opened to see the guards retreating back to the resort. Her hands pushed back at his chest and their lips pulled apart and a large breath of air filled her lungs. "The-They're leaving," she muttered almost inaudibly. Her eyes couldn't look up from the sand. Tints of pink embarrassment were permanently stained on her cheeks as she shuffled her feet away opposite of the guards. "G-Good work," she stammered and didn't look back as she just kept walking, unsure if it was the right way towards their resort room or farthest away from civilization.

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Eleanor didn't want to think. She just wanted to disappear until she was under the covers of her resort suite. Her eyes kept focused on the sand and her toes curled roughly into it. That was the most awkward thing, ever. Why in the hell was her heart pounding? Eleanor did not get worked up like this. Well, she did, but not about these types of things. At least she knew he found it just as weird and awkward, and did she mention weird? Her face was still as flushed as ever as she kept walking on. If August decided to go the other way, she would have felt a ton better. All she wanted was to be alone. Her body tensed slightly more than before though because the sound of bare feet trailed behind her. It was far enough to give her space, fortunately. Honestly, she would just have to get used to this for the next two weeks. She would have to straighten up and act like he was the freaking love of her life.

The sound of a now familiar voice boomed in her ears. Yeah, he was speaking quietly, but any sound of him was like an amp next to her ear right about now. What he was saying wasn't comprehendible to her. For a good few long seconds, she kept on walking after his comment. Half of her was really frustrated, mostly at herself for getting worked up, but the other half was ready to turn around wordlessly and run for their resort suite. "I don't care, I mean, do you have a map with you? Maybe this is a short cut," she ended up telling him with a pause in her steps. Then her feet were back on the move. "Do whatever you want, I'm going this way."

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Nommies (whoelse) | 1461 comments Yeah, I was thinking that too c:
Should they be in their hotel room getting ready for the day?
Orrrrr WAIT.
Maybe they should have an activity they have to do like sailing in the ocean?
Just an idea though!

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