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Jessica Crone What were the first words you said after finishing the book???
Mine were:
'He's not their kid!!!'
I known it's the obvious thing to say, but it was an obvious ending, I predicted it! I thought maybe there would be a huge twist! A cliffhanger! But no it was simply he was not their kid.
I'm not dissing the book, it was pretty good, the ending sort of ruined it for me, any thoughts???

message 2: by Ami (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ami Mine were: OH MY GOD!!.....BUM!!!!

Davey Kirk This is dumb.

Medha M.M *shocked and angry*
What the hell was that???

Andrea Labonte To Davey:
What do you mean this is dumnb. This book is really good, but it is freaky in some parts because you never know what kind of family this is or if Ethan is really their kid. If you think it was dumb, I don't think you really read it.
To everyone:
This book reminds me of people who try their best to make the child feel good about themselves and give them a nice place to sleep and a roof over their head. These people knew how to help Ethan the best but if they didn't then Ethan wouldn't really have a place.
I love this book a lot because it kept you on your toes through the whole book.

Miss.Always.Reading.Books Mine was: Is there a part two???

Griffin Wagner I loved the ending of this book. It left a lot to the imagination.

Kayla Green My first words were " Why did she end it like this "

Kathryn ok lol

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