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Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls, #1)
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Trinity I loved this book i loved everything about this book !! Plz dont be reading this if u havent read the book bcuz i am a spoiler . I cant believe trey went to her camp and started to make out with her and almost went too far and how she actually called him derek ?! and then when she was hanging out with lucas at the creek (i think) and he came and asked is this derek ?
And then sara was almost pregnant . i loved the way C.C. Hunter made this book and i hope he makes another series that will make me waste my allowance trying to buy the books as this one did :)

Birdie (purple_feather22) | 294 comments I finished Chosen at Nightfall last week. I didn't know it when I started reading it but it is the last book in this series. There will be another one that is coming out next year that fallows Della.

I loved this whole series. I've been reading this series sense it came out a couple years ago and all of them have been in my top ten fav books of the year. The whole series progresses so far that I had forgotten all about the stuff Trinity was talking about. Maybe I should reread them. :)

Trinity Lol yea that was in book 1 :) But im going to be getting whispers at moonrise and chosen at nightfall soon!!! :)

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