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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments yay!

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so um lve triangle huh ?!:P u wanna be the guy or the girl ?

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments it does'nt matter to me i'm good with eiather.

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same with me :P um ok two boy one girl or two girl one guy ?

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments two boys? usually the two girls end up fighting :p

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hehe lol okies :) so my charri

looks: my profile pic

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments we still doing this?

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yes sorry no notify :(

can you start ?

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments sure

Haylee walked in to school and took a seat in her usual spot in the back of the class.

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Matt can in giving high fives and Hi's to people around and took the seat in front of Haylee and took his ipod out

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments She smiled as Matt took his seat in front of her. Matt was undeniably attractive. She had crushed on him since the beginning of the year but it seemed he didn't even know she was alive.

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he blushed when Haylee smiled at her but din react as he listens to some 2 chains songs

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Class started and the teacher started talking about some project that was an important part of our grade. Which didn't surprise me , that is until he mentioned partners.

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((bring in haylee's bff ?))

Name : Nial
age : 19
looks : http://static.tumblr.com/zd2xin2/RaZm...

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Nail came late to the class apologizing for it he sat next to Haylee but was heart broken when he heard the partners name

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Haylee smiled at Nail when he walked in and to the empty seat next to her. "hey did you hear about the partners for this next assignment?", she asked him excitedly. "guess who I'm with!"

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"i heard it you with matt " he said with a fake smile

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments "yeah isn't that great?", she asked with enthusiasm.

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"sure it is do you know who i am with " he asked looking around

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments "oh um.. no I guess I didn't hear. I was too excited", she asked also looking around to see if anyone was alone.

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There was a girl the quietest of all how was looking at Nial "oh great " he said "its Ashley " said Nial which made matt chuckle

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Haylee gave an apologetic smile and said, "I'll make it up to you. Promise."

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"and how is that " asked Nial

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments "hmm, Movies? My place. Tonight? I'll even let you chose the movie this time.", She told him hoping he'd agree.

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he looked at her with the corner of his eyes then smile "cool see you at 7 " he asked he can never say her no
matt turned around and saw Haylee"meet you tonight " he said and turned around again

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Before Haylee could Object and tell Matt she was busy, he walked off. She sat baffled about what to do.

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Nial said "i should probably go see you tomorrow "kissed her cheek and left

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments She sat stunned. What was she going to do? She decided to think on it and went out to the schools parking lot and drove home. when she got home she set her book bag down on the dinning room table and walked into the kitchen. There was a note. It was from her mother. "Working late tonight. Dinner's in the fridge. See you tommarrow. xoxoxo -mom." "great", she mumbled and opened up the fridge. She pulled out a container of stir fry and stuck it in the microwave. As she was waiting for her food to cook there was a knock at the door.

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Matt was there knocking with a cute small gift box in his hand waiting for her to open up

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments she looked through the peep hole then checked the time. It's 7:00 already. She opened the door and let Matt in. "Hey, I didn't even realize it was already seven. Um... you can go into the kitchen and help yourself to some stir fry, i'm going to run upstairs real quick to um.. grab my books. I'll be right back." She said leaving him in the door way as she ran up stairs. when she got to her room she ran to her mirror. Her hair was up so she let it down. She added a little make up to her image and put on her favorite par of jeans. then grabbed her books and ran downstairs.

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he was sitting on the couch his books spread on the table as he went through them when she came he blushed and gave the the gift he has bought for here "for you " he said in a low shy voice

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