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Do you think there should be a movie about Morris Gleitzmann's series Once Then Now After


No question!!! Of course!!!

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I think it does have the substancle to be an amazing movie I hope if they did it wouldn't be americanised,If they did make a movie I hope it would be liked the boy in the striped pjs. It could become a good movie though.

l would watch them all

I think they should turn Once into a movie but make it suitable for more younger viewers/readers

My 9 year old son picked this book from his library at school and told me to read it. HE loves the series and I have to say I liked it as well. I was a little unsure of the harsher parts for my 9 year old and not sure if he understood what was being said. If they did a movie on this book I would def go see it but hope that it would be classy.

I think that there should be a Once, Then, Now and After movie series

No, I don't think so. The books are much more perfect up to the EXACT way they are written- Felix is a book character not a film one. The subtle differences that cannot be shown on film would make it a bad choice- Oh and the fact I'm attached to the characters I see in my head- if the film changed that, it wouldn't be the same.

Heather I agree, I don't think it would translate well to film (as much as I love the book.). Felix is so naive, and it's the way he sees the things around hi ...more
Nov 12, 2014 03:31AM

It would be great because it is a great series



If it was created into a movie alot of people would actually start reading the book. Like me and my friends when we watched Hunger Games, we couldn`t wait to watch Mockingjay. So we read the books and it way more interestingz,it really detailed.

That would be absolutely amazing!!!, I would watch them all in a marathon.



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