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Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Chapter Twenty Two Discussion Thread

message 2: by David Sven, Mortal Sword..Meow (new) - rated it 5 stars

David Sven (gorro) | 2042 comments Mod
Short Chapter.

Gamet tries to suicide and then decides to resume his position as Fist

There are rumours of an Uber Killer soldier name Neffarious Bredd – I wonder who that is?

Bottle combines Earth magic and Warren magic to try and check out the other side of the whirlwind. He has a measure of success after a little advice from Fiddler. Fiddler is no mage so he’s either been picking up stuff from Quick Ben or he has some talent.

Fiddler also picks up from Bottles “sticks” that Kalam is on the other side

Smiles glared up at the sergeant. ‘So, who is he? The Rope himself?’
‘No,’ Bottle answered. ‘No, I’m sure of that.’
Saying nothing, Strings strode from the circle. No, not the Rope. Someone even better, as far as J am concerned. As far as every Malazan is concerned, for that matter. He’s here. And he’s on the other side of the Whirlwind Wall. And I know precisely who he’s sharpened his knives for.

And Fiddler also picks up that there will be a war of assassins and subterfuge before the main confrontation

‘Just a hunch, Gesler. I get those sometimes. They’ve been infiltrated. That’s what I saw from Bottle’s divination. The night before the battle, that oasis will get hairy. Wish I could be there to see it. Damn, wish I could be there to help.’

I like Cuttle’s response to Bottle’s magic

– I’ve seen enough.’ He rose suddenly, looking nervous and shaken. ‘Magic’s creepy. I’m going to bed.’

And the Adjunct's Otataral sword is not needed as the Whirlwind goddess withdraws and lays out the sandy red carpet.

‘She withdrew!’ Nil shouted, stumbling forward. ‘Our path is clear!’
Tavore threw up a hand to halt the Wickan. ‘In answer to my sword, Warlock? Or is this some strategic ploy?’
‘Both, I think. She would not willingly take such a wounding, I think. Now, she will rely upon her mortal army.’

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Rob (robzak) | 1054 comments Mod
David Sven wrote: "There are rumours of an Uber Killer soldier name Neffarious Bredd – I wonder who that is?"

I didn't give it much thought, but now I'm wondering if Karsa "enlisted"

Lori Oh! I didn't read this chapter! Be back later

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Silvio Curtis | 403 comments So Tavore makes everything personal. Maybe she and Felisin aren't complete opposites after all. It could also explain why she's thrown herself into a military role so wholeheartedly. The Malazan military usually seems to make friendship and enmity more personal matters than the Claw does.

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David Sven (gorro) | 2042 comments Mod
@Lori (view spoiler)

Mikeiwo | 57 comments David Sven wrote: "@Lori [spoilers removed]"

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Lori (view spoiler)

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Bas (basdr) | 39 comments Gotta love Cuttle going all Cartman here: 'Screw you guys, I'm going home'. Or in Malazan style: 'Magic's creepy, I'm going to bed.,.

DangerBin | 64 comments Neffarious Bredd's real name is Bill Brasky.

And it's all true.

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