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Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
You can discuss Cinder here.

Rebecca Has anyone started this yet. I read it last month with another group. I really liked it I thought it was a new look at an old fairy tale with some twists along the way.

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
Yeah I've read this, I loved it I am just about to finish Scarlet which is the sequel and it is equally as good. I wasn't sure how they would retell Cinderella in the future but they did is superbly without following exactly the old story so it wasn't predictable

Rebecca I agree. I have yet to get Scarlet but on my next trip to the library it will be on my list! I'm glad to hear that it is just as good as Cinder!

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
Yeah definitely need to read it, only problem is don't want to finish the book cause there will bound to be a cliffhanger and then have to wait ages until Cress is published

Rebecca oh that's no good! It's been a long time since I've actually waited for a book to be published!

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
I always have that problem

Marianne | 38 comments I have such a problem with waiting for books. Only one of the books that I want to read is coming out over the summer, the rest I to wait until fall or next spring for

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
I know there is one book that I have been waiting for one book for ages and the author still hasn't finished it

Rebecca That must be so frustrating. I am actually finding myself putting off reading Scarletbecause I don't want to run into that issue myself!

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
No you need to read Scarlet even if you have to wait for Cress because Scarlet is so good

Marianne | 38 comments Agreed. Sometimes waiting just isn't possible

Gloria I just finished cinder few days ago :D
I liked it but thought it was a bit weird with allthe robts and cyborgs and stuff ...
And the ending is really weird !!!! :/

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
I know what you mean it takes awhile to get your head around with Cinderella in the future

Gloria Yes! It does !

I want to know what the prince is going to say about it ... So I guess I'll have to read the second book :D

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
it is really good and has some great new characters

Gloria I'll have to read it then :)
But my to read list is just sooooo long !!

Sarah | 1072 comments Mod
mine is too

Gloria :D

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