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message 1: by Leigha (new)

Leigha | 11 comments I read this book when I was in like grade six. It was one of the thickest books I had at the time, about half the size of the paperback version of The Lost World by Michael Chriton. The main character is Elizabeth I think, and her brother's name is Paul. I believe she is spoiled through most of it and is shocked at the end. I don't remember if Paul gets off alive but at one point they don't think he does. I don't remember much more.

message 2: by April Ann (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments SOS Titanic by Eve Bunting SOS Titanic by Eve Bunting, pub. 1996

message 3: by Leigha (new)

Leigha | 11 comments That isn't it. Sorry April Ann. The book I read had a picture of the boat on the cover and the main character was a young woman. I read it in 1999ish.

message 4: by Slinkyboy (new)

Slinkyboy | 35 comments Maybe Titanic: The Long Night by Diane Hoh? It has a pictre of the sinking ship on the cover, and one of the main characters is a teenaged girl named Elizabeth.

message 5: by Leigha (new)

Leigha | 11 comments YES! I have been trying to remember that for so long. There are just so many titanic books it was impossible to remember which one it was. Thank you!

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