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message 1: by Stephy (last edited Jan 19, 2008 10:47PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Stephy this is a well written "melting pot" or assimilation story, with a twist: Mrs. Protagonist is dealing with the loss of a stillborn child. Not many people have the sensitivity to touch this topic, and we get a clear image of the "lifelong loss" of such a child. As the mother of a murdered daughter, this resonates with my deepest feelings. I can relate to this too clearly, as a mother on a murdered child.

Diane Stephy-
I am deeply sorry to read of your horrific loss. This book, one of my favorites. I had the great fortune to meet Jhumpa Lahiri in person at a reading when she was promoting her book which followed this one, The Namesake; I liked it, but I think Interpreter of Maladies is better by far.

Cindy A Temporary Matter is such a powerful story. I couldn't explain why it moved me so much when I first read it, I was not a mother then , but now reading it a second time and having two children I am still so overwhelmed by it. I think the sense of overwhelming loss shared by the couple is so apparent and their dissolving relationship is so heartbreaking. I tell everyone i know that they have to read this story.

Her other stories are so amazing as well.

Sally Amazing author. I love her writing style & really enjoy her books.

Asel I adore Lahiri. Her writing is just so simple, she draws on human experience and emotion and just puts it out there to see and you can feel with the characters and, as cliche as this sounds, they really do become like old friends. I loved her "This blessed house", Twinkle is fantastic!

Joanne Stephy, I am so sorry.

Maria Absolutely one of my favorite books. Lahiri's writing is beautiful, emotional and touching. If you liked "The Namesake" you will LOVE "Interpreter of Maladies"

Tanmayee The gift that Lahiri has to make even the smallest of details appear surreal is heart stopping. This is what it feels like to truly breathe in the words.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I love her stories, especially "A Temporary Matter." I agree very much with Cindy.

Mitra Amiri we can really live in her stories. it's amazing.

Nancy The stories are amazing. A truly brilliant read.

Ilyus Evander "A Temporary Matter" made me weep like a baby, and I'm a teenage boy. It was literally that good.

Lit Bug I agree - it is her best story from the collection. I also loved her novel The Namesake - such a beautiful story about the pains of an immigrant couple, their misfit son and the invoking of food-metaphor to relive the memories of one's native land!

Kelly Waldschmidt This book was a beautiful collection of stories. I felt like each piece was an invitation into a world I would otherwise not know.

Poulami Mitra The story "A Temporary Matter" was heart rending . I read that story 13 years , when I was in mere seventh standard , but that story left an indelible mark on my mind . I feel I as if I have read the story just yesterday , such powerful was its impact .Even now I cannot reason out what evoked my empathy towards the mother of the stillborn child at such a tender age , unless it is the powerful medium of Lahiri that provoked my mind . Being a Bengali I was more akin to the small problems felt by the Bengali's when they move out to the bigger world . This book features my list of one of the best books in the category contemporary literature and a cherished one too .

message 16: by J. (new) - rated it 3 stars

J. Keck I've read early posts and now these latest posts. I find some readers who reflect my thoughts and feelings about this book. Though it is carefully crafted, I found it difficult to understand how it won the Pulitzer Prize. Often I found it tedious and mundane and depressing. Still, I am glad I read the stories.

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