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I can't wait!

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Jenn I cannot wait for this book to come out. I find it a little funny that some people have already rated the book, even though it won't come out until September, but whatever. Yay! =)

Meels I think it's bloody ridiculous that people are giving 4 and 5 stars to a book that has not yet been released! I'm no hater, and have taken some criticism for enjoying the first two books over much for what appears to be intelligent. But, to rate a book based on its predecessors is wishful thinking to say the least!

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I'm looking forward the book coming out. I'm a Middle School Librarian and I'm tickled that it is coming out during the school year. I've got to get planning my party. I'm going to wait and rate it after I've read it!

message 4: by Holly (new)

Holly I'm so looking forward to it. I've already read the other two more than seven times each and i need a new book.

Leigh is this the third book? i thought it was supposed to start with an E like the other 2 books. and only have 6 letters. so whats the deal on that? i mean, i am looking forward to it, but i just thought it might be different.

Susie/Ashmoon I can not wait!! I am a HUGE fan of Eragon, Eldest and just about any other fantasy. I just really hope this book is as good or better than the other 2

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April I can't wait for this third book, I've got it on my to read list and it's rated, even though I didn't rate it!!! How did that happen?? I can't wait to see what happens and how he ties it all together. Here's hoping!

Denae Christine I think he planned to call it an E_____ name, but he had to split the rest of the story into two parts, so maybe the fourth book with again be E_____. He said that the title "Brisingr" is pretty important, or that the word will be shown to have more significance or something.

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This book coming out is probably one of the most awaited things for September. I have hugely overread the first two (over ten times each) and I need to read another.

Hannah hey from the other 2 books isn't "Brisingr" the word/spell for fire?? How can i wait to find out if i'm right on some of my theories, i'm going nuts!!!!

Laura I'm excited as well. Brisingr is fire AND is the first magic word that Eragon learned to use. I'm excited to see how Roran and Eragon's relationship heals and develops as well as how they handle Murtagh.

Kathy yeah, what the hey is up with people rating the book when it isn't even out yet? I am a big fan (really, could you write a fantasy book when you were 16?), but was a bit disappointed with Eldest. If the press release on Chris's website is any indication (4 books instead of 3), I sure hope that Brisingr is worth the wait!!!

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I got Brisingr! I'm geekin' out!

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Faith Quick geekin out! awesome! with you there bob the knight!

JoAnne Carneal <<>> Me too...geekin' out!!!!

Tyler i am reading it right now

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