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Where did Riordan get..

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BubblesTheMonkey Did Riordan get some of his ideas from the Bible? I haven't exactly studied deeply into Greek mythology, but I found out that in the Bible, they would give burnt offerings to God and he would be able to smell it... Has anyone else noticed anything that they weren't sure of was in Greek mythology? Thanks!

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I never knew that in the Bible said that (I'm not very religious), but I don't think that he took things from the Bible. I believe everything he took was from the Greek mythology itself. Remember that all of those religious shared some stories and all that. They just adapted them so they could fit their beliefs. Like in the Epic of Gilgamesh, it tell us about the great flood, but if I'm correct, this was years before the Bible was even written.
So yeah, all of them are share the same stories or traditions, that's why burning offerings may appear in both.

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He was a Greek Mythology teacher, and he always told stories like Percy Jackson to his sons, and that's where he got all the ideas for the series.

Elaney It is possible because he is a christian. Although in Greek Mythology they burn offerings also.

Alex Grant I think he got the idea both from the Bible and from Greek Mythology.Probabaly. : )

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