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message 1: by ☆ Emma ☆, <3 Aphrodite <3 (new)

☆ Emma ☆ (heyitsemma) | 436 comments Mod
This is where we can you can talk about what you think is going to happen in Persephone the Daring! Goddess Girl 11#! Persephone the Daring (Goddess Girls, #11) by Joan Holub

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
The summary says that a famous pop singer, Orpheus, will be coming to MOA. Then he asks Persephone to help him bring his long-lost love back from the dead (per the myth), and Persephone is hesitant. She knows Hades will hate it, but eventually agrees to help...

message 3: by ☆ Emma ☆, <3 Aphrodite <3 (new)

☆ Emma ☆ (heyitsemma) | 436 comments Mod
I have a bad feeling about this book. In the original story, Orpheus's wife dies. So he goes down to the underworld to convince Hades to bring her back to life. After charming Hades with his singing. Hades agrees, but on one condition. He must not look back until he is out of the underworld. Now I know that he looks back. But I'm not sure what happens after that.

message 4: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
In the original myth, he loses his wife forever. Then I think he joins the Argonauts? Not sure about that, but anyways. In this book, I think that he's kind of like a moodier and nicer(ish) version of Orion.

message 5: by ☆ Emma ☆, <3 Aphrodite <3 (new)

☆ Emma ☆ (heyitsemma) | 436 comments Mod
That would be nice, I don't want him to be anything like Orion. I think I know why none of the godboys like him. Because he's stealing the girls attention! I bet that they with spent all of there time going gaga over Orpheus!

message 6: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
Yeah, he's like....imagine Justin Bieber (or any other famous male singer) coming to a school. The girls would fall all over him, and the guys would hate him.

message 7: by ☆ Emma ☆, <3 Aphrodite <3 (new)

☆ Emma ☆ (heyitsemma) | 436 comments Mod
Exactly! I can't wait for that book to come out so we can see what happens!

message 8: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
But this comes after the Pheme one :( Authors hate us!

message 9: by ☆ Emma ☆, <3 Aphrodite <3 (new)

☆ Emma ☆ (heyitsemma) | 436 comments Mod
Tell me about it! But this series isn't as bad as the Heroes of Olympic series. Which only comes out once a year. While Goddess Girls has 3 books coming out this year.

message 10: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
True. Fine, this author doesn't hate us. But R.R. does! And back to the topic at hand, I don't like it how late they are, but I can understand it. Writing an amazing book takes time!

Cammilla ( Emerald ) (cammilla) | 273 comments Mod
I hope Persephone does not fall in love with Orpheus

message 12: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
I don't think so...she's too obsessed with Hades. But judging by the description, she might be a bit starstruck. Kind of like with Artemis and Orion.

message 13: by ☆ Emma ☆, <3 Aphrodite <3 (last edited Apr 12, 2013 07:01PM) (new)

☆ Emma ☆ (heyitsemma) | 436 comments Mod
I think all the girls will be a bit starstruck for a while. I'm just hope that he's nice and not stuck up!

message 14: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (nellery) | 314 comments Mod
Well, he's asking a girl to break the laws of the world for him...that requires a bit of an ego.

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