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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt Roberson | 2 comments I can't seem to get the search parameter of search.books to work. I want to search for "Robert" in the authors field, to do this I use:

But it returns the same data as if I had used:

Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with this API?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) url you want is something like

message 3: by Matt (last edited Mar 23, 2013 08:44PM) (new)

Matt Roberson | 2 comments Michael, while the url you provided does do the search, and it does get the results I expected, It was an html page. By adding format=xml (and my key) to the query string I was able to get the results back as an XML document.

Thanks for your help.

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) Oh, yeah, sorry for not clarifying! REST, etc. :)

message 5: by Chimit (new)

Chimit Hello!

Is it possible to search among title and author at the same time? I mean, search title "Inferno" by author "Dan Brown"? Or it supports only one query string?

message 6: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini sorry, there's only one query string. But you can search the same string on both author and title.

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