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Does anyone else think Jem is a jerk for leaving the SB at such a horrible time?
Mirtha Gonzalez Mirtha Mar 21, 2013 09:56AM
Throughout the series I felt like JEM was like really honorable.. You know do the right thing, be a good shadowhunter, put others before himself.....
So on what ridiculous planet would he choose to desert Jace "Herondale" to run off with a girl during what could possibly be the most dangerous time the shadowhunters have EVER faced? Because lets be honest Sebastian is WAY more dangerous than the magister was!

No he is not a jerk because he leaves the SB after the events of City if Heavenly Fire which takes place in 2007. Cassandra Clare said so on her Tumblr. Jem and Tessa reunite in 2008 and he tells her that he wants to tell her a story about Herondales, Lightwoods, and Fairchilds etc. That means he witnesses everything in COHF and helps Jace, Alec, Magnus, Clary, Isabelle and the crew then goes to Tessa.

Nope. Sorry, I'm a Jem fan. On the other hand, I get upset when other people hate/dislike my favorite characters, which is irrational as they don't actually exist. It'd be nice if everyone could have their favorites but still understand why others would disagree or like different characters. But that's just fantasy :)

Shirley Ah, all right then :) I would hope to have my own Jem then, haha.
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Rachael And I'll have Will lol :) ...more
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Actually, I think Jem was different in the whole book. Wasting all that drug so he can marry Tessa then die after two weeks of marriage? Really, Jem? I used to like Jem a lot, but he seemed selfish in this book.

Jennifer (last edited Mar 21, 2013 02:24PM ) Mar 21, 2013 02:22PM   0 votes
The Mortal Insturments is over by 2008 when Jem leaves to be with Tessa or at least that is my understanding. And it's not like Tessa has stuck around to help all her great great grand whatever kids. They have to live their lives otherwise Tessa will be eventually following literally a million descendents since she is immortal! And same with Jem. He can't chase and follow and help every single descendent of Will & Tessa.

I think he did. I don't like him. I always thought he was too perfect. I mean, if he was never dying, Will would have had NO chance with Tessa at all. But Jem taking those extra drugs and then just to die on Tessa, hurt her like that. No. I never liked him, never will. Or at least not with Tessa...I still ship Wessa. I seriously wanted Tessa to die in CoHF so she can be with Will in heaven but ummm, guess not.

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