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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED: Everyone's secret name is Sarah? Book about cult (possibly in 19th century), young girl chosen to bear new messiah [s]

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This book was in my high school library (approx. 10 years ago); it was about a man who formed a cult from most of the women in a small community/town and took them across a river to all live together. I think I remember that they all lived more freely (barefoot, petticoat-less, etc) and that things were great until he started choosing girls (to marry? just to sleep with? can't remember). Ultimately one - the prettiest girl - was chosen to bear "the new messiah." All of the women were given (supposedly unique) secret names, but the narrator thought she heard the girl next to her given the same name, which I believe was Sarah. I think at the end the community began to revolt against the group.

Some of this I might be remembering from other sources, so if this sounds close to any known books, I'd love the info. Thanks in advance for any help!

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That's it! Thanks, Andria!

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Yay! You're welcome. :)

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