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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Comment with your thoughts on this chapter and on the book as a whole. Final verdict for the book? Anything crazy you wish was done differently? Are you eager to continue with the series, or do you think you'll pass? etc etc

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
"I am deeply concerned for my daughter, whom I regret is yours also."

Good line.
"Oh Bruno come down to earth!"

Another good one.

And of course it's the whole hysterical thing. If I lived back in those days I would've probably been known as the crazy witch hysterical cat woman.

message 4: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Is is natural says Kate, we three as one...

message 5: by Susie (new)

Susie Fiorito (tudordaughter) | 30 comments Didn't we all know he had hid the Jeweled Madonna in the tunnels and that was where he was getting the money? That was predictable. It bugged me to no end that Damask didn't figure it out or even bother to sneek in the tunnels before. It also bugged me that she was so naive that she didn't see what was going on between Kate and Bruno! Good book, interesting, but was glad when I finished it.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
(Glad I didn't read your comment till I finished Susie!)
But yes there are predictable things but overall I enjoyed it. I think if I had not had other reads to read at the same time I could have definitely finished faster and gotten myself in the moment for it. But the DamGirl thing of her dragging everything out was aggravating the crap outta me.

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I did enjoy the book, all things considered. I think I'm firmly stuck in the 3 star region, but on the other hand, I wouldn't have wanted to miss reading it. I managed to carve out a couple of days to devote to it, so that made it more interesting, I think, than if I had been trying to read other books at the same time.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
I was also thinking 3.5 for me, which means I enjoyed it despite its quirks. (A 3 in my ratings means Good, didn't totally rock my boat, so I think this deserves a 3.5 since I'm already thinking about book 2)

The Lion Triumphant (Daughters of England, #2) by Philippa Carr
Catharine Kingsman
The Lion Triumphant follows The Miracle at St Bruno's with Catharine, the daughter of Damask, growing up in the new Elizabethan age -- one of the most eventful in English history because of the struggle for power between two mighty rivals had begun.

Catharine, smarting from the bitter blow which deprived her of her lover, meets the lusty sea Captain Jake Pennlyon, who makes it clear that he allows nothing to come between him and his desires. Catharine is the chief of these and the battle between two stong-willed and tempestuous people is fought out in the shadow of the growing rivalry between Spain and England. Catharine delights in outwitting the man who would subdue her and before he can have his way a mysterious abduction takes place. A captive on a Spanish galleon, Catharine experiences the terrors of the sea and makes the aquaintance of the mysterious and dignified Don Felipe. In the Hacienda she discovers the reason for her capture and what is demanded of her, which bears out the fact that Jake Pennlyon is a man whose life is inextricably interwoven with her own.
His symbol is the Lion and there is no escape from him and his determination to overcome her resistance. He is as sure of his power to subdue her as he is of England's to rule the seas. With her Spanish son Roberto and her English daughter Linnet, Catharine is torn between love and loyalty in a story of lusty adventure on land and sea, when those who lived in the turbulent sixteenth century were caught up in the trmendous events of their times. The fight for survival is Catharine's and Jake's, Roberto's and Linnet's -- as well as England's. From Plymouth, the ships set forth, for the issue will be decided at sea. Here is the most significant engagement of all times when the little ships of England drove off the mighty Spanish galleons of Spain and the Invincible Armada was defeated, leaving the Lion Triumphant.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
(took that from Goodreads of course)

And meanwhile Catherine is spelled with an E in The Miracle of St Bruno's. Now I am going to have to run home to check on the spelling.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
And it looks like it will be lusty.

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Susie Fiorito (tudordaughter) | 30 comments Have this one too. Look forward to reading it sometime near summer after all my other reads :-)!

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I may just have to continue right along.....(because it's not as if I accidentally picked up 7 library books that must be read and returned in two weeks, lol).

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....not to mention that I'd better keep reading before I forget all that happened in this one, ha ha. I did that with the Outlander books and now have to go back and re-read A Breath of Snow and Ashes so I can finally read An Echo in the Bone. Bah.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
I'd love to keep reading but I'm so tight with my schedule. Lucky you, Michele!

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Ack, it's not long and I can polish it off in a day or two if I set my mind to it. I nearly always ignore review requests these days. At the very most I might accept up to 2 a month, but that's it. And I don't feel any pressure over the new Vine reviewing requirements, since I really don't care whether or not I can order something off the next newsletter or not. It makes for a pressure-free world, aside from that 2 week library checkout thingy. :P

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
I was never lucky enough to get in on the Vine program. I have about 10 or 11 review books for the next few months that will keep me busy.
But looking at my hardcover edition of the next one, it does look like fun! Looks like 11 chapters - I love how they named chapters back in the day.
And Catherine is still spelled with an E thankfully.
Did anyone else wonder about the choices of names Catherine and Carey.. Referring to Mary Boleyn's kin?

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I have no freaking idea how the Vine thing works. I know no one over there (or didn't until after I got the invite) and frankly, I don't think it's any great shakes. Tons of meh books and every few months maybe some electronics (which are gone instantly). So I don't think it deserves any credence. The only good part that I can see is that you don't have to have any personal contact with publicists, publishers or the authors. That's why I hate accepting email requests for review books....I just hate having contact with them. *shudders*

I did wonder about the names, too. Catherine/Katherine was so very common (so many queens to choose from there, lol) and Carey might have had the Boleyn connection. I'd be scared to name my kids after any of H8's queens...too much chance I'd regret it later. At least by the time he got to #4, lol.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
I posted my review, not as much fun as the chat thing here was of course.. but there it is.

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Nice review...I'll be banging out a short review soon.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Michele - where is your home blog now??

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

After long determination and soul searching I reopened A Reader's Respite. Kidding, it was a whim lol.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
What is the other blog that was a few of you guys, and then things disappeared & I was LIKE DAMN what up?!

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
(or am I confusing you with someone else, I am suffering from one of those debilitating sinus headaches)

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No. We tried The Lit Asylum, the idea being lots of contributors and a monthly edition, rather than clogging up feeds every single day. My co-writers and I just really never got off the ground, we were so busy with other stuff, not to mention just burned out on a review blog/site. So poof. I wouldn't have even started RR back up again had it not been for some emails I received asking me to do I did. But I'm not sure if it will work or not. I can't be snarky on demand, LOL, it has to emerge naturally and I've just kind of lost my snark. It's like losing your mojo, hahahahahaha.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
The Lit Asylum.. that was it. That was fantastic stuff, learning about all the OOP things like that and I was like DAMN I'm never gonna be able to keep up! So many awesome posts gone gone and I was kicking myself for not paying attention and memorizing everything once I saw that everything disappeared into cyberspace. All that hard work egads.
I understand your mojo thing. Definitely. Especially when I myself start to feel like a review robot. Next, next, next, next... it gets old.

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Misfit | 76 comments Who wants to tell Marie who the OOP expert was there?

message 27: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
(blow me over with a feather) snarkasm


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message 29: by MaryKate (new)

MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments I enjoyed this book and I think I do want to continue reading this series. Because I'm not a blogger, I found it easier to read this novel along with others. I think it ended nicely :-)

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I'm going to finish it, too, Mary Kate. It wasn't spectacular, but I still enjoyed it enough to want to see where she goes in the next one.

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Michele, have you looked at The Bastard King on your copy yet? I'm trying to figure out how to set it up. It looks like there are three major parts but many chapters; Would it be overkill to list all those topics as chapters?

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Or chapters as topics. Oye.

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If we went by parts (which is my initial inclination), we'd just have to be sure to really use our spoiler tags, which is fine.

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