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A question about faster-light-travel.
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If I remember correctly Jane states in Xenocide that she needs Ender, Peter or Val to pilot any ships outside the Universe. Right from the beginning of this book though they speak about the Pequeninos and Hive Queens that have been sent to other planets. Have I missed something or did I just understand it wrong? It's really bugging me, so any reply is greatly appreciated!

Enders was human and one split into three.

The hive queens were connected but yet built different.

I'm not sure I understand your question. When Jane takes them outside the universe, to that place where what they think up can become real, it's not the same thing as travelling through normal space at a speed faster than light, which is within the normal universe.

Nonong Ordoñez try rereading the part where Olhuado, Grego and Val discuss about the theory. It might explain some of the confusing parts but imho, everything they h ...more
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I had this exact same question. I just finished Xenocide and started Children of the Mind in the last 24 hours and feel like I'm detecting some inconsistencies, but I think I have an explanation.

At the end of Xenocide it is made clear that Jane needs Ender or one of his self-created siblings to go Outside because her aiua dwells within Ender (and since his self-created siblings are extensions of Ender himself, Jane's aiua can be reached in them as well).

By the third chapter of Children of the Mind, however, they mention the dozens of ships that Jane has been sending to colonize worlds.

I presume the idea is that each voyage, with all of the supplies and passengers needed to establish a new colony, might include many ships, but would still require the presence of Ender/Peter/Val. We know that Ender hasn't revisited Outside a second time for fear of created another Peter and Val, and we know that Peter is off traveling with Wang-Mu trying to conquer (save?) the universe, so that leaves Val who is trying to find new habitable planets with Miro full-time.

Thus, the best explanation I have for how this plays nice with Enderverse metaphysics is that Val travels in the original FTL ship along with a small fleet of colony ships all in one go once she and Miro locate a habitable planet. Then she returns to Lusitania leaving the small fleet on the new planet to unload passengers and supplies at their leisure. Since Val can make this round trip in the blink of an eye, she doesn't really lose any of her planet-searching time. Meanwhile, the folks on Lusitania keep loading up new ships so they are ready to go the moment Val and Miro find another habitable planet.

I don't like that I've had to make assumptions here though (namely: 1) that Jane is transporting multiple ships at once; and 2) that Val is traveling with the colony ships). IMO, Card did a really good job of explaining these sorts of details in the first three books of the series, so it seems unnatural to have to make such assumptions. That being said, I'm still only on chapter 3 of Children of the Mind, so maybe I'll have my questions answered before the end.

I guess I'm saying they didn't share a soul, the hive queens that is.

But ender, Val and Peter did.

I had this same question. I just read the book and I was confused at why the faster than light travel didn't need Ender/Peter/Val anymore. I am positive it needed them once because Ender said he wouldn't do it again after creating Peter and Val. So they tested it with Peter and Val to see if it still worked, and it did. But I accepted that Jane just got better at it and was able to do it without them. But then answer this.

Why when Peter and Wang Mu were on that one planet and wanted to go stop the little doctor, they said that their starship (the box) was hours away and they would not have time to go to it before the little doctor reached Lusitania, so they just asked Jane if she could faster-than-light-travel them there without the box... Why couldn't Jane just bring the box to them?

I think the question is they say Jane needs Val/Peter/Ender to get to the 'outside' and going outside is how you get faster than light travel, but when Lusitainia is being evacuated she has dozens of ships going out.

So if Val/Peter/Ender was needed how did she get the other ships of the planet?

(I can't answer this myself because I can't remember any exact details about this at the moment.)

Taylor Napolsky I think Jane only needed Ender, Val or Peter there in the beginning, but then she got so used to it that she could do it without them.
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anyone can pilot a normal space ship, it's when they went outside the universe to that place where thoughts can become real that she needed Ender, Val and Peter.

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