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Should you read Steven Erikson, series first?

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message 1: by Jared (new)

Jared Do you have to read the other series first? I really don't want to read the 10 book series right now (In the middle of wheel of time and need a break for a little bit) I do intend to read it sometime just not right now, but back to the question can you understand this trilogy without reading the main series first?

Bryan Yeah...sort of. Actually, I think the Esslemont books make more sense in general than the Erikson ones, but a lot of what happens in the first two Esslemont books(I haven't yet read Stonewielder) would lack a certain amount of impact if one hadn't first read the Erikson books. You just wouldn't have the same amount of backstory on certain characters and events, and wouldn't understand why they're so important.

Also, it must be said that Erikson is a much better writer in general than Esslemont is. Esslemont is to Erikson what Brian Herbert is to Frank. It's still good...just not as good.

message 3: by Benji (last edited Apr 29, 2013 09:04PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Benji Glaab Not really KON is a great stand alone book. It's the only one of it's kind in the franchise. Where if I recall correctly takes place throughout one wild ride of a night. where as other malazan books span months of time. with that said I believe it would have made a great intro to the series.
Also the Esslemont books are an ongoing series as well.with a total of six books planned for publishing.

The 2 authors definetely took a divide of the characters. Esslemont created his own cast of characters. I think it's safe to say you could enjoy and comprehend the Esslemont series easily if you read it first.

for a chronological listing check out

Deeptanshu I agree that you don't really have to read the entire series first,as its an enjoyable enough stand alone book. Certainly you would enjoy it more with some idea of the back story but its not necessary as this is prequel to Eriksons books.

Philip Jones I read through both series as they were released with Eriksons series as the main focus and Ian's as additional material.

Both series have books in them that complement and gleam you more information about characters and some of the books in both can be read as stand alone - more with Ian's that Stevens, but both complement what is happening.

I found NOK very interesting when I first read it after reading the first 4 or 5 malazan books and it gives a lot of insight about some of the characters that are in these first books.

Also Ian C. Esselemont is up to five books into his series atm: Knight of Knives; Return of the Crimson Guard; Stonewielder; Orb and Throne; Blood and Bone. So already a big slice of books to read in his series.

Definetly worth reading them all if you have the time.

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