At Grave's End (Night Huntress, #3) At Grave's End question

Some questions.
Janis Janis Mar 16, 2013 11:56PM
I read the first two books and I am almost halfway done with this one. If my question gets answered in the book, please don't spoil it for me and just say that, but it's just been bugging me.My question is about the series as a whole. (as much as I read so far)

Cat is a vampire killer who now only kills bad vampires. The main thing that constitutes a "bad vampire" is when they harm/kill a human. Bones has told her that he killed humans in the past (for whatever reason.) Also, I'm sure that most of the vampires she is associating with have as well. I get they are changed now, and "good" so she doesn't kill them. But at one time they were bad or at least did bad things. The point is they changed. So why isn't she giving them a chance to change, or bringing them in to try and rehabilitate them? It just bugs me that she is ok with it if it was in the past and you've changed, but if you are a vampire (specially a young one that doesn't know any better) oh well for you.

Another question, why are so many vampires agreeing to help her? They now know she is the one killing vampires yet they don't seem to really care. Even if the vampires on their side are all good ones. They don't know which vampires Cat is going after, or why. Most of them are scared of her and just know she is killing them. Why are so many just ok with helping her/being on her side. I'm not talking about the main vampires in the book, just the vampires as a whole.

I can give you the answer in part to your questions. Cat's view of vampires as a whole is skewed by her own mother's perspections of vampires. The only reason Cat goes after the vampires as whole now is she has a better understanding what is acceptable and not acceptable according to vampire culture and her own perceptions of them as well. The thing to remember is what the vampires are taught from the beginning is how they treat others and perceive themselves comes from their sire. If their sire is a bad apple that's all the young vampire knows. Does this answer your question or questions? I've read the whole series several times. This is my thoughts on whole series.

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