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What to read while waiting for Book 3

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Tristan Try the Invisible Chains series by Andrew Ashling. There are similarities in the plot.

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Ais It's nothing like Captive Prince, but I would be remiss if I didn't recommend people give the Raised by Wolves series by W.A. Hoffman a try. It's currently my favorite m/m series although it's something that I think will either resonate strongly with someone, or they just won't get into it. The first book is called Brethren.

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Evanno Try Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz
Counterpoint is only a two-book series, but it's really well written and draws you in pretty quickly. The roles are sort of reversed in that Prince Freyrik is drawn to Ayden from the get-go (but not in an insta-love kid of way, which is great).

Sarah Anything by Ginn Hale.

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